Tubliss Install

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Tubliss red liner Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

This article is about installing Tubliss onto your dirt bike

Tubliss Install

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard it’s very similiar to installing a tire.

Tubliss is a great addition to your dirt bike and I highly recommend it.

In fact, I put Tubliss on EVERY BIKE. In most cases its the very first thing I do.

==> click here for full review of Tubliss

Last weekend while out riding my buddy and I where out riding in the desert with a mixture of snow rocks, whoops, mud and sand.

We went up over a pass and road down a huge mountain side and when we got to the bottom I noticed my buddy had a flat tire on his rear tire….

There was a tear in the side wall of the tire and he had NO IDEA that he had a flat tire.

Tubliss held the bead of the tire on the rim.

How did we fix it?

We ended up putting in 2 plugs and probably took a total of 10 minutes…..

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Alright, now that you are ready with your Tubliss Install here is how its done.


Tubliss Install instructions

Here is how you install the Tubliss System Gen 2 onto your dirt bike rims.

Tubliss rim prep

  • Remove your tire off the rim
  • Remove the old tube
  • Clean the inside of the rim of any dirt or rocks (You should do this even if you are running tubes)
  • Drill the hole for the extra stem valve – see above instructions link
  • Really clean the rim and rim tape area (This is really important)
  • Make sure to sand any rim spurs or dings in the rim tape area
  • Apply the rim tap – They now give you enough to wrap the rim 3 times.

Know that you have done all the prep work its time to now install the Tubliss system on the rim.

Tubliss install on the rim

Lets start the Tubliss Install

  • Remove bladder and bladder core valve from red liner
  • Line up rim lock with 11 mm hole and center the red liner on the rim
  • Align bladder valve stem with 8 mm hole and then insert it back into the red liner
  • Take the rim lock stem, insert it into the hole and tighten with fingers…just needs to be snug
  • Insert bladder stem into hole but do not tighten the bolt just put it half way on

Spooning the Tubliss Redliner on the rim

  • Start spooning at the rim lock
  • Go around the rim towards the bladder stem
  • GO GENTLY take your time and do not DAMAGE the red liner
  • Feel free to keep applying armor all
  • Push the redliner into the center of the rim

Install the Tubliss into the tire

  • Put the hang glide plate that is provided into the tire – grey piece
  • With the tire upright and the grey glide piece facing you slide the rim lock into the bottom of the tire
  • Keep down force on the rim so it just doesn’t pop out of the tire
  • Spoon the tire onto the rim

Tubliss tire mount

  • Start spooning opposite of the rim lock (I use 3 spoons)
  • Make sure to push the tire down into the center of the rim with your hand – This will allow the tire go on much better
  • Finish spooning next to the rim lock
  • Flip the tire and repeat above steps
  • note: You can use lube here as well to get the tire on

Tubliss Lubrication 

  • You need soapy water but if you are installing with slime – click here
  • Start next to the rim lock and use a spoon to press down on the tire to allow for soapy water to enter the tire/bead
  • Go around the entire tire – Don’t be afraid of using too much soapy water
  • Flip the tire around and repeat above steps
  • Once completed take the tire and bounce the tire on the ground and spin it while doing so

Tubliss inflation 

  • Insert valve cores
  • Fill up inner bladder to 120 PSI – Soapy water will help seal the bead
  • Fill up tire pressure to whatever you want. I usually put like 15 PSI and then take it down to 5-7 before I ride.
  • Put stem caps on and with the inner bladder nut DO NOT TIGHTEN IT AGAINST THE RIM.
  • Instead tighten the inner bladder stem nut up to the red stem cap
  • Tighten rim lock nut to 9 lbs

All done. The more you install Tubliss the faster and easier it will be

It really works and click here to see what others are saying about it

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard it’s very similiar to installing a tire.


Tubliss on road

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Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Wondering if you can use Tubliss on the road you will want to stick around and read on

I get asked from time to time if you can use Tubliss on road with a DOT dirt bike tire…….

You should NOT USE TUBLISS for long distance road travel

==> click here for review on Tubliss

First off Tubliss was built for the dirt not the road and they do not recommend using it on the road.

  • Tubliss will work with a DOT dirt bike tire
  • You can ride on Pavement with your Tubliss and dirt bike tire
  • NOT RECOMMEND to ride long distances.
  • I have personally was forced to ride the pavement with Tubliss for an hour…didn’t explode

Will it work on the road, yes but like I mentioned its probably not worth risking.

Tubliss has a red liner with a 100 PSI inner tube that seals the bead to the rim which allows you to run your tire at a lower pressure for optimal traction.

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

Mousse on road

I wouldn’t recommend using Mousse for long periods of time on road as well.

Road travel creates a ton of heat which will break down the Mousse and Tubliss.

==> Click here for Mousse vs Tubliss

Mousse like Tubliss was build for offroad use only. 

While both systems can take some major abuse in the dirt, try to stay off the pavement.

Can you ride Mousse on the road?

Yes, you can but keep you speeds down and be careful.

Alright, so you are probably wondering what you can run on your dual sport bike….

My recommendation is to always run a DOT approved tires  with heavy duty tubes

Options for tubless dirt bike DOT tires really doesn’t exist.

You will need to stick to tubes which means you will need to carry extra tubes instead of plugs.

DOT flat tire Kit

  • Carry extra tubes front and rear tires
  • If you don’t want to carry tubes you can carry patches
  • Spoons to remove the bead of the tire
  • Hand Pump

Please comment below letting me know what setup you are running and how its working for you


Tubliss Tire Change

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Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Worried about a Tubliss Tire change on your Dirt bike?

This article is about changing your dirt bike tire when you have Tubliss installed.

I get asked all the time about changing your tires when you have Tubliss installed on the dirt bike.

==>> see Tubliss review here

Along with the actual installation of Tubliss this process seems scary but its really not all that bad.

Tubliss provides you with a solid instructions on how to install Tubliss and then install the tire.


First thing you do when you need to replace your worn out dirt bike tire is to start with the following:

  • Let out the air in the outer low pressure chamber
  • Let the air out of the inner HIGH pressure chamber
  • The inner pressure of the Tubliss is 100-110 PSI

Once everything is flat, I like to push down on the tire to help start breaking the bead off the tire…

Make sure you take your TIME for the first one.

I turn the rim around and repeat pushing down on the dirtbike tire, helping the bead to come off.

Start spoon by one of the stems and work your way around

Tubliss pressure

Things to watch for when doing a Tubliss Tire Change

  • Make sure all the air is out of both chambers
  • Start spooning by the stems
  • Be VERY careful not to use the spoon to grab the redliner
  • Be VERY careful not to use the spoon to grab the inner high pressure tube

You don’t want to spoon the Tubliss off, so make sure that when you go to get a bite with the spoon your not getting ANY of the Tubliss red liner.

You don’t want to damage the red liner as its what helps seal the bead to the rim.

You also don’t want to pinch the high pressure inner tube…….

One you go around and spoon the dirt bike tire off the bead. Turn the rim around and repeat the steps.

Typically you only need 3-4 spoons to get the job done.

Once the tire is off the rim. Make sure to inspect the red liner for any damage.

Also, check to make sure the high pressure inner tube will hold air.

Once everything checks out with the Tubliss system, its now time to install the new Dirt Bike tire.

Installing new Tire with Tubliss

  • Make sure to have lubrication handy
  • Make sure you know if you are going to use soapy water or slime to help seal the bead
  • Start spooning the tire on by one of the stems.
  • Use 3-4 spoons to make sure you are taking small enough bites.
  • You can also push down on the tire to help get the bead set correctly
  • This also helps with taking pressure off the other side of the tire to help spoon it on the rim.
  • Repeat for both sides of the rim

==>> click here to learn about installing Tubliss with slime

Remember TAKE your time when doing a Tubliss tire change. If you are in a hurry you will risk damaging the red liner or inner tube.

That would mean you would have to buy a new Tubliss System 18″, 19″ 21″.

Once the tire is installed make sure to give the tire a couple of bounces all around on the ground.

This is to make sure the bead is being pushed on correctly.

After the bounce check…fill the inner Tubliss tube with 100-110 PSI.

Make sure its holding air.

One the Tubliss is pumped up, I go ahead and pump up the dirt bike tire.

Usually I go with around 20 PSI to make sure I am really sealing the bead.

Once I know its holding air, I’ll take the PSI down to 5-7 PSI.

Now that your done….GET OUT THERE AND RIDE

Like I always say the best mods for your bike is gas and fresh tires….



Tubliss pressure

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Tubliss pressure

Getting the right Tubliss pressure is really important when using Tubliss with your dirtbike.

I get this question all the time from people….

==> click here to see full review of Tubliss

What tire pressure are you running with Tubliss?

Lets back up a little to first talk about how Tubliss works.

Tubliss 2.0 system works by sealing the bead of the tire to the rim.

There is a small high pressure inner tube surrounded by a red liner. 

Tubliss mentions two different pressure chambers. As you can see in the image below

Tubliss red liner

This combo along with rim tape, will hold the tire on the bead, thus allowing for a tubeless dirt bike tire.

You use the rim tape that Nuetech provides to make sure you completely seal the rim off from the spoke holes.

Make sure you take your time while installing the rim tape as the provide you with enough rim tape to cover the rim with 3 layers.

They provide instruction on the correct way to line the rim with the rim tape.



If you don’t clean the rim or sand the burrs you risk popping the little high pressure inner tube that seals the bead along with the red liner.

This could mean a inner tube failure which you want to avoid.

I haven’t had this problem as I thoroughly inspect and clean the rims before the Tubliss Installation.


  • 100 – 110 PSI in the inner high pressure tube
  • Make sure you check this pressure BEFORE EVERY RIDE
  • Carry an extra inner high pressure tube
  • Note: I have never have popped one of this high pressure inner tubes
  • They only way to pop one is a spoke or burr ripe a hole in one


  • This really depends….
  • I Run 5 PSI in the rear and 5-7 PSI in the front
  • You can run 1-2 PSI
  • You can also run 10+ PSI
  • Using a tire sealant like slime when installing helps with tiny punctures  – http://tublissreview.com/tubliss-install-with-slime/
  • Carry a tire plug kit for the bigger punctures
  • You can ride back to the truck with a flat tire as the inner bladder/red liner will hold the tire on the bead


Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Because you can run Tubliss at such a LOW PRESSURE you really can get amazing traction!!

I like its pretty amazing that I can pick which tire pressure I want to use…..

==> click here to see what tires to use

When you use low pressure in the tire this allows for you to have a MUCH bigger tread contact to the ground.

The other thing you will notice with Tubliss vs Tubes is Tubliss ride is much softer then tubes.

In fact last weekend I switched to a bike that had heavy duty tubes and I couldn’t believe how different it felt. 

The heavy duty tubes made the bike harsher feeling over bumps and rocks. They also make the bike bounce around.

On the rocks and tricky sections the traction was near as good as the bike with Tubliss.

With that being said….the tire pressure is really up to you.

Like I mentioned earlier you need to make sure to ALWAYS run 100-110 PSI in the small inner tube.

But, the Low Pressure chamber you can run whatever you want. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what works best for them.

I would recommend finding what you feel is the sweet spot. Don’t take my word for it.

Go out one ride with the sole purpose of finding out what tire pressure works for you. Stay close to an air pump haha.

Start at 10 PSI in both the rear and front tires of your bike. 

Slowly start letting air out of both the front and the rear until you hit 1 PSI. Then start going back up…..

In fact each tire is going to feel different depending on how stiff the side wall is.

I have been running 5 PSI in the rear and 5-7 in the front for MONTHS with ZERO issues.

I have ran this setup in the mountains, fast speed whoops, Desert, tight rocky sections, and even big jumps….NO PROBLEMS AT ALL….

Some of my riding buddies ride with 7-8 PSI in the front but like I mentioned that could also be because they are running different tires than I.

==> Click here to see my current tire combo

Choosing which tire to use with Tubliss could just mean you pick your favorite tire combo that you are already using.

If fact there are only a few tires out there that won’t work well with Tubliss.

There are some GoldenTyre’s that are made for Mousse bib inserts only. Probably because there is little to no side way structure on the tire….

Hard enduro riders probably use this for the BEST GRIP possible. However, I am nowhere near has good as a Pro rider so I don’t need a setup like that.

Its easier to install then Mousse bibs and I feel it lasts longer as well….(don’t have any real world testing yet to back that up)

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard. Just like installing a new tire on your rim, make sure to have lots a lub and be patient.

I use tire sealant when installing Tubliss instead of soapy water…..Both options work great and haven’t had an issue with either.

In most cases the main thing that comes back to bite you when installing Tubliss is when you are spooning the Tubliss system redliner on or installing the tire/taking it off.

Make sure you are careful and you are NOT GRABBING THE REDLINER with your spoon.

I use 3-4 spoons

The Tubliss inner tube pressure will slowly leak….don’t be alarmed this happens with ANY high pressure small inner tube.

The air slowly leaks through the rubber. In the summer if I don’t ride for a while they usually are around 80 PSI by then.

Sometimes like my current rear Tubliss is always around 100 PSI.

Just make sure to always check it and top it off….

Tubliss Pressure is important to get right with your Dirt bike Tire….

But, the cool part is you can adjust it unlike mousse bibs….

The best mod for your bike is gas and fresh tires. Your bike relies on TRACTION….why not give yourself the most traction possible….

If you have any questions please comment below….





KTM 300 Tubliss

Sick of getting pinched flats in the middle of no where?

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KTM 300 Tubliss

You FINALLY get a weekend to get out to ride your beloved dirt bike. You load up with all your gear and head out in the morning for an epic adventure.

You unload your bike put all your gear on which seems to take forever….out on the trail the bike feels good. 

You have the sun on your bike and a light breeze on your face. You get further and further away from the truck, forgetting about your problems and worries….(one of the reasons we dirtbike)

When out of nowhere you start to feel your front tire doing something weird…..

You think its probably nothing so you press on looking for the next corner….nope its getting worse.

So, you slow down only to quickly glance to see your tire looks low.

Sure enough you can hear air leaking out of the tube….

Your miles from the truck with no tools, no extra tube, or patch to fix the tire….

You trip is now ruined. With no way to fix the flat you are forced to turn back towards the truck early.

With every rock or bump you are worried about trashing your rim….

Having a Flat tire or pinched tire while riding is one of the biggest let downs when riding.

This is the reason we start to carry more and more gear….WHY

To make sure we protect that precious time out dirt bike riding.

Is this your fault?

No, the manufacturers decide to put the lightest duty tube from the factory.

How do you save your rides from disappointing flats?

Nuetech Tubliss System Generation 2.0

===> click here to buy it, you won’t regret it

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

FULL review of the Tubliss System – click here



Which pump to use with Tubliss

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Tubliss, Dual chamber, Dirtbike, Offroad, Tires, Tubliss, No tubs

This article is for those who want to know what type of pump you need with the Tubliss system

If you have ever wondered what pump you need to have in order to pump up the inner tube inside the red liner of the Tubliss system you are in the right place.

The inner tube that comes with the Tubliss system is a small tube that requires High pressure in order to get the redliner to seal the bead on the dirtbike tire.

You need a HIGH pressure pump

A high pressure pump like a bicycle pump will do the trick however there is a little secret that you need to make sure are aware of.

I highly recommend that you get a pump that can do high pressure and low pressure.


That way you can pump up the Tubliss as it requires 100-110 PSI and also pump up your dirt bike tire.

I recommend that you check your air pressure in both chambers before EVERY ride.

That means you need to get a hand pump that goes higher than 110 PSI…..

So, Tubliss makes their own hand pump but I am not sure where they sell it. I have personally tested it and it works fine.

==> click here to see full review of Tubliss

You don’t have to have a hand pump that does both high and low pressure but its nice.

When you have to pump up the dirt bike tire using a High pressure pump takes a ton more pumps to fill it up.

Personally I use a stand up bike pump like this one Click HERE

I haul it around in the bike of my truck and use it there and at home. I do not carry it with me.

I carry a smaller hand pump like this one click here for out on the trail. Honestly I hardly use it because I use the larger pump at the truck.

Its always a good idea to carry a hand pump because from time to time you will need it.

The great thing with the Tubliss system is you can use a normal tire plug to fix and holes you get in your dirt bike tire.

I usually carry a ATV tire plug kit in my backpack.

I also recommend using slim or some tire sealant to seal any of the tiny little holes you can get in your tire.

==> click here for more info about Tubliss and slime

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or reach out.



Tubliss for sale

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This article is for those who are looking to buy Tubliss for their dirt bike

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Years ago when I was first introduced to the Tubliss Gen 1.0 system I was a bit unsure that it would work that well.

==> Click here to see my full review of the Tubliss system here

It was brand new and not very many people had used Tubliss let alone would buy it.

Luckily I had a friend that bought it and HIGHLY recommend it. 

I have been using it on everyone of my dirtbikes since then.

Well rumor is that Tubliss was in development and they let a magazine editor try it out and they really liked it.

From then on Tubliss has been steadily gaining traction from there.

Where can you buy Tubliss?

I recommend buying Tubliss from Amazon. You can return it for whatever reason and they usually offer the best pricing.

Who is Tubliss for?

Honestly I think its for everyone that rides a dirtbike.

Tubliss allows for MUCH better traction and gets rid of pinched flats. If you just riding motocross tracks and really don’t go far from the truck, you then could get away with just using tubes.

However, if you ride single track or desert then I recommend the Tubliss system

===> Click here to see my Mousse vs Tubliss

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

You can invest in Mousse bibs as well and they are the most bullet proof system you can purchase.

==> Click here to buy mousse bibs

There are upsides and downsides with both Tubliss and Mousse bibs. Make sure you read my Mousse verses Tubliss.

Other places to buy Tubliss

You can also buy Tubliss from Rocky Mountain ATV, they provide good service and pricing as well.

Please leave a comment or reach out to me if you have any questions.


Kenda Ibex side profile

Best Tire for Tubliss System Gen 2

This article is about which dirt bike tires works best with the Nuetech Tubliss system Generation 2.0

There are TONS of different options that you can choose when trying to find the perfect tire for the New Tubliss System you bought for your bike.

==> Click here for a review of Tubliss System Gen 2.0

Keep in mind that Tubliss will work with just about EVERY single dirtbike tire (Some GoldenTyres require a Mouse bib to be installed ).

Fresh tires and good gas are the BEST MODS you can do to your bike.

Lets be real we aren’t Eli Tomac or Graham Garvis. (I witnessed Graham do some pretty incredible stuff on a stock bike)

which means that we really don’t need more power out of our bike.

We need more GRIP…..

Save yourself thousand of dollars by investing in good tires.

I recommend that you try a bunch of different tire combos to find the best option for your riding style and terrain.

Most people run tires WAY to long including me.

Just because there is tread still on the bike doesn’t mean that you will be getting good traction.

So, below are some of the tires I have personally used with the Tubliss System as you I mentioned above you can use it with just about any tire.

(Always take your time when installing Tubliss and check the air pressure of the inner tube EVERY ride)


Which tires to use with TUBLISS

Tubliss tire recommendation below

Motocross Tires with Tubliss

  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

Offroad Tires with Tubliss – Hard Enduro Tires with Tubliss

  • Shinko
  • GoldenTyre
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

Like I mentioned earlier most tires will work with the Tubliss system. This means you can choose the tire of your choice.

Because Tubliss can be run at such a low pressure you will get way better traction and a better ride.

Click here for Tubliss vs Mousse bibs

Dunlop with tubliss

Tubliss with Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 – Click here to check it out

I personally have used Tubliss with the Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 which is a good tire and works well in most conditions but wears more quickly than a Bridgestone X30/40 or Maxxis Desert IT

  • Personally I would rather use a more “Sticky” tire that has around the same wear time.
  • I have had to plug this tire

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 with tubliss

Tubliss with the Bridgestone Battlecross X30 or X40 – click here to check it out

This is a solid choose and can take a beating. It really wears and you have to be careful as you will probably keep it on too long because it doesn’t rip or chuck

  • I have had to plug the front tire
  • Can take a beating
  • Tire wears really well

Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT with Tubliss

Tubliss with Maxxis Desert IT – click here to check it out

Like the Bridgestone X30/X40 the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT has good a good tread pattern and can take a beating.

  • This tire also wears well.
  • I haven’t had to plug this tire

Sedona MX907 with tubliss

Tubliss with Sedona MX907 – click here to check it out

This tire probably took the longest to wear down. You can ride this tire FOREVER. It has a unique tread pattern that looks cool but I am not sure if it helped with traction or not.

Sedona has a unique tread pattern

Cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction

I am not really sure if it performs better than the above tires….but it doesn’t perform as well as the Shinko Cheater or Kenda IBEX.

  • This was the hardest tire to mount and take off…..SUPER stiff side wall.
  • You can ride this tire flat.
  • This tire can take a MAJOR beating
  • I never had to plug this tire.

Tubliss with Kenda IBEX K744 (Sticky tire) – Click here to buy it

This is the latest setup I am running.

==> Click here to see my full review of Kenda Ibex

Because there isn’t a front tire I ran a Bridgestone Battlecross X30 front with the Kenda Ibex tire in the rear. It was a solid tire combo.

I ran 5-7 PSI in the front tire and 5 PSI in the IBEX tire. We hit everything…rock slides, roots, boulders, tree crossings, water, mud, loose dirt, loam, and silt.

  • The Kenda IBEX with tubliss gave me a TON of grip
  • Haven’t had to plug it
  • Wear on the tire is pretty good (I am happy if I can get 20 hours out of a tire)

It was amazing how much grip I had with this tire combo. Compared to other tires I have tried nothing compared to how grippy the Kenda Ibex tire is.

I am sure that it has to do with Tubliss as well but man it was good.

I didn’t have to settle for a trials dirtbike tire which has crazy good grip but isn’t all that good at higher speeds.

These tires like the Kenda IBEX, GoldenTyre, and Shinko Cheater tires are giving you the soft compand with the grip but a harder side wall like a motocross tire.

This makes for and EXCELLENT hard enduro tire.

You don’t see the hard enduro pro’s running a trials tire…..

Trial tires are for trial bikes…..not a motocross/enduro bike.

I personally have a 2017 KTM 300 XC but no matter what bike you ride, if its single track you really need to look into getting one of these tires.

If you are doing nothing but trials type of riding then thats ok but when you are riding single track in the mountains you run into just about everything.

I have ridden in the sand with the Kenda Ibex with tubliss and I didn’t even think about it. 

Which means that it was getting good grip and and doing anything weird.

So far its been my favorite tire but next tire change which is coming up I’m going to go for the new Shinko Cheater 525 tire. One of my buddies really liked it.

Overall, if you ride in the west or the east getting setup with the right tire is crucial.

Tubliss allows any tire to run less PSI, thus really increasing the traction.

When you decide to invest in Tubliss, try running the front and rear at 5 PSI…..

I know it sounds crazy because if you are running tubes you are use to 10-15 pounds.

Remember NO MORE PINCHED flats.

I highly recommend the Kenda IBEX with Tubliss, its been quite the eye opener


Kenda ibex tire with Tubliss

This is a review of the Kenda Ibex tire with the Tubliss gen 2.0 system.

Kenda Ibex Tubliss

This setup is what I am currently running on my bike and its been the VERY BEST tire tubliss combo yet….Tubliss with Kenda Ibex tire

==> want to skip my review and invest in Kenda IBEX – click here

Just to give you a little background on the Kenda Ibex Super Sticky SRT00679 tire.

If you are a serious offroad riding you know one thing for sure….That the dirt and terrain will always be changing.

Just like this last weekends ride, we had everything from

  • Sand
  • Deep sand
  • Snow
  • Mud
  • Rocks
  • LOTS of rocks
  • Small pebbles
  • Loam
  • Roots
  • Loose rocks
  • Hard pack
  • Solid rock (slick rock…ride in Moab…worked excellent)
  • Water

All on the same ride…..so we have established that Tubliss is a must have for any serious offroad dirt biker

==> click here to see review of the Tubliss Gen 2.0 system

Kenda Ibex side profile

So how do you find the perfect Tire that will allow for good grip in EVERY situation…well there is no such thing as a perfect tire.

However, that hasn’t stopped tire manufactures from trying……I hope they don’t stop

A trial tire will struggle in the really loose dirt or sand where a standard tire struggles to get grip on rocks.

Only if there is something in the middle, that has knobbies like a standard motocross tire but has a flexible knobby compound for more grip on rocks and hard pack.

Well we are in luck along with the Kenda Ibex super sticky tire, Shinko Cheater tire 505 and the Shinko 525 Tire (The 525 Hybrid tire is new)

This review is about the Kenda Ibex but the Shinko tires are good and you can click here to check them out

The Kenda Ibex was designed for Endurocross and Extreme Enduro racing.

Here is what you get with the Kenda Ibex

  • Super sticky compound for ultimate grip no matter the conditions
  • Knobbies like motocross tires that grip and clean out
  • Flexible soft compound with the tread to be extremely grippy
  • Come in 120/100 – 18 and 110/100 – 18 sizes (Rear only)

I mounted this tire in preparation of a 4 day riding trip in the mountains of Idaho (Normally run Bridgestone X30 or X40s what are really good tires and wear really well)

Kenda Ibex

This tire was a game changer for me…..It has some serious grip and its a perfect match with tubliss.


Tubliss with the Ibex Tire

  • Tubliss you can run at a low PSI
  • This allows for even MORE GRIP
  • Really plush tire
  • Grip and traction EVERYWHERE…I had to say it again

I really thing the combination of a soft sticky tire with the Tubliss system is the perfect match for tackling all the different terrain that single track riders run into.

How does the the Kenda Ibex tire hold up?

Well after the 4 day trip……no rips or chucks. I probably have around 15-20 hours which is pretty good considering we hammer tires. Its about time to replace it but being a “sticky” tire thats pretty good.

They are starting to tear and chuck a little bit but most guys would look at my tire and say that it has plenty of life in it.

But, just because the knobbies are still there I believe the VERY best mod you can do your bike is fresh tires.

The tire does wear faster then a Bridgestone X30/40, Maxxis Desert IT, and a Sedona MX907

In my opinion the price of the Kenda Ibex is the only downside…

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The Shinko Cheater 505 and Shinko Cheater 525 are both cheaper options

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The 525 is a newer tire so its a bit harder to find.

Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater tire

A couple of my riding buddies have spend the last couple of years and on the Cheater 505 and really liked it until they tried the Cheater 525 which has the same tread pattern as the Kenda Ibex.

When I get the chance I will be trying the cheater 525 when its time to replace the Kenda Ibex.

So, the final conclusion is any serious single track rider should invest in the Kenda IBEX sticky tire or, if you want a cheaper option go with the Cheater 525

Just like the GoldenTyre sticky tires the Kenda Ibex is expensive but a really impressive tire that really does well in most conditions and REALLY excels with traction is scarce.


Not all of GoldenTyre’s work with the tubliss system which means the probably don’t have stiff enough sidewalls to hold the bead on. They recommend using mousse bibs.

Here is the list of the cheapest to most expensive sticky tires


Tubeless dirt bike tire system

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Tubeless tires

This article is for those looking for a Tubeless dirt bike tire system for their bike.

I always tell people the best mods for your bike is new tires and gas….

Traction on your dirt bike is really the most important piece to your dirt bike setup.

However, underneath that dirt bike tire is a tube. All dirt bikes come with a tube from the factory. Most times this tube isn’t thick enough for serious offroad dirt biking.

I have had a brand new bike and within the first hour riding I got a pinched flat on the stock tube.

We Typically are riding miles from the truck and getting a pinched flat or any flat with a tube is frankly pretty shitty.

So, if you are like me and are sick of getting pinched flats on your tubes…

You are probably asking what are my options?

Here are your three dirt bike tire tubeless or tube options 

  1. Replace the stock dirtbike tubes with Heavy Duty Tubes (Still can get pinched flats or punctures).  Tubes are the cheapest option but you are required to carry tubes and tools to change them.
  2. Tubliss Gen 2 System. This system ditches the tube and has a inner bladder/liner to seal the bead. This system eliminates pinched flats and can be ridden flat, as the Tubliss will hold the bead. Tubliss requires you to make sure your inner bladder tube pressure is 110 psi before each ride. You also can carry tire plugs to plug any punctures
  3. Mousse bibs is the most bullet proof system. No pinched flats or punctures. Bibs are harder to install then Tubliss or Tubes, and like Tubliss they are more expensive.

==> See Mousse bibs vs Tubliss review

Which dirt bike tubeless system is for you?

Well that all depends. I personally use the Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 System on all of my bikes. – Click here for Tubliss review

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

For years all of my friends have been using Tubliss as well. We haven’t had ANY issues with it. In fact we have been really pleased with how much abuse the Tubliss system can take.

I recommend that you invest in Tubliss – Click here

You can also run VERY LITTLE tire pressure which gives you WAY more traction. We no longer worry about slamming a sharp edged rock.

The Key with Tubliss is making sure you install it correctly

==> Tubliss installation with Slime – click here

My next recommendation for the hardcore dirt bike offroader would be Mousse bibs

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

They are pretty much bullet proof and can take major abuse. The pros use Mousse bibs for this very reason.

You never have to check air pressure but some Mousse Bibs give you a dead feeling that feels weird if you aren’t use to it.

Mousse bibs is compared to a tube running 13 PSI in their tires.

If you would like to invest in Mousse bibs – click here

Lastly if you aren’t ready to ditch tubes on your dirt bike you should at least put in some Heavy Duty tubes.

dirt bike tube

They can take more abuse then your stock tubes and last longer. You still run a risk of pinched flats and punctures its just a smaller risk.

HD Tubes are also heavier but honestly I don’t really think that matters. 

==> Invest in Heavy Tubes here

Pros of Tubes

  • Cheapest option versus Tubliss and Mousse bibs
  • Control air pressure (Mousse bibs you can’t but Tubliss you can
  • You can carry a spare
  • You be patched
  • Easy to install

Cons of Tubes

  • Pinched Flats
  • Punctures
  • Rocky sections require you to have higher PSI in tires (Makes for a harsher ride)
  • Have to carry extra tubes
  • Have to carry tire spoons

So if you would like to get rid of tubes and make your dirt bike tubless, you will need to switch to the Tubliss system or Mousse bibs.

The stock tubes are NOT good enough for hard offroad riding.

If Motocross is the only thing you ride you can get away with the stock tubes as you really aren’t that far from the truck.

It’s a shame that all offroad bikes don’t come with Heavy Duty tubes from the factory. This would at least give you a fighting chance.

Every time I get a new bike before I ride it, I put Tubliss on it.

Crazy I know, but I have gotten flats the VERY first ride on a new bike and I don’t want it to happen again.

Also, Tubliss has way better grip and is softer then riding with 13-15 PSI in your tires.

Some, guys will say that 15 PSI is way to much air and they run way less and never get pinched flats….well I don’t have the same lucky rabbit foot they do.

I would rather not ruin a ride and have to carry a ton of tools and extra gear to fix a flat tire.

Tubliss really is the way to go. Once you get the hang of installing it (Which really isn’t all that bad) you will be able to swap tires easily.

The only real reason to get Mousse bibs is if you race and HAVE to finish a race. Tubliss offers more traction and is more plush.

Most mousse bibs feel like having 13 pounds of air in your tires. They do break in after a while which will allow for better traction but will still have that dead feeling.

It depends on the terrain that I am riding in but I have run 5 PSI in the front tire and rear tire with Tubliss on REALLY gnarly rocky terrain with no problem.

Kenda Ibex Tubliss

This allows for tons of traction and a better ride. My last tire was the Kenda Ibex tireclick here to see it

Which is a super sticky tire with stiff side walls. This setup worked amazing with Tubliss. I highly recommend it.

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