Tubliss long term review 2018

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Kenda Ibex with tubliss

I have been using Tubliss for years and from time to time I get asked the following question:

How long does Tubliss last?

The answer is it depends…..

This is a full Long Term Review of Tubliss System Gen 2.0

A long time ago I first heard about the Nuetech Tubliss System from a “Dirt bike Magazine” and they raved about it.

But like anything new there is always a little doubt in your mind until you get more social proof

I always wanted to try Tubliss but I didn’t personally know anyone that had experience with it.

It wasn’t until I met one of my now riding buddies Scott.

Scott had been using Tubliss on his bike for a while and had nothing but good things to say about it.

This is when I decided to take the plunge.

I bought my first set a Tubliss and installed them at my buddies house.

Since then I have put hundred of hours on the Tubliss system and here is what I have learned.

  1. The most important thing to do when using Tubliss is to make sure you INSTALL them correctly.
  2. Make sure to check the high pressure inner tube before every ride
  3. When putting on new tires make sure not to grab the red liner with a tire spoon

Now, I am sure you are wondering what issues I have had with Tubliss?

To be honest I haven’t had any real issues with it. The only thing is I had one front tire with Tubliss that would leak air out of the front high compression inner tube.

This inner tube would go flat after a few days. Not sure why but this was an easy fix with a new $18 inner tube.

This only happened once.

After that I haven’t had a SINGLE issue with Tubliss. (As soon as I do have an issue I will let you know)

None of the 5 guys I ride with has ever had issues with the Tubliss system failing either.

The first time I got a flat tire with Tubliss, I had to ride out 12 miles to the truck on a flat (wasn’t carrying tire plugs at the time).

The Tubliss never failed.

Whenever you get a flat tire all you need to do is plug it with a plug kit like you see below

Tubliss tire plug kit


When changing the tire I always check the red liner to see how much damage its taken. 

Typically even if it looks worn it still works great.

I personally think that Tubliss lasts longer then Mousse bibs.

==> click here to see Mousse vs Tubliss

The other thing is I really like the ability to is manage the air pressure of your tire Mousse bibs don’t allow for that.

I will continue to give updates on the this article




Tubliss on a Yamaha

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Yamaha Tubliss

Ever wondered if you could get Tubliss for your Yamaha dirt bike?

The answer is yes…..

Will Tubliss fit on ANY Yamaha dirt bike?

The answer is no…

However, Tubliss isn’t brand specific, rather its rim size specific.

==> Click here for full review of the Tubliss system

There is a limit to which size of rim that Tubliss currently fits on…and it comes in 3 different sizes for now.

Tubliss tire sizes

  • 21 Inch
  • 19 inch
  • 18 inch

So, if you have any Yamaha dirt bike with a 21″ front rim you can put tubliss on your front tire.

List of Yamaha bikes that require a 21″ and 19″ rim Tubliss 

  • YZ450F
  • YZ250F
  • YZ250
  • YZ125

List of Yamaha bikes that require a 21″ and 18″ rim Tubliss system

  • YZ450FX
  • YZ250FX
  • YZ250X
  • WR450
  • WR250

Tubliss System will work great for any Yamaha dirt bike, in fact I highly recommend using Tubliss if you ride offroad or enduro.

One of my riding partners who destroys rims and swears by Tubliss on his 2017 Yamaha 250X. 

He has been using Tubliss for years. Everytime he gets a new bike the first thing he does is put Tubliss on his bike.

I spent a around 6 hours on this Yamaha YZ250x riding it fast desert with big whoops and loose conditions.  Even with running the tires at a lower then normal PSI, I never felt uncomfortable going fast.

As many of you know, Yamaha makes some of the best performing off the self front forks.

Adding Tubliss with the KYB SSS forks just made it perform even better.

In fact when comparing a 2017 KTM 250/300xc with the AER air fork to the Yamaha YZ250x, the Yamaha would do a better job in the high speed whoops.

I would feel more planted and safer but with solid rebound and compression.

Using Tubliss will help you eliminate flats, and provide you with better traction.

This will allow you to stay out riding for much longer and climb up that gnarly rock section that everyone else is struggling with.

Tubliss is a must have upgrade to your Yamaha.

==> Click here to get your Tubiss now

While Tubliss will not fit on ANY Yamaha dirt bike it will fit on the major YZ and WR bikes.

*** As always please comment below letting me know what bike your ride and if you have any questions.




KTM with Tubliss System

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I have been running the Tubliss 2.0 System on my KTM dirt bikes for years.

If you are serious about riding gnarly single track, I would recommend investing in a set a Tubliss.

You have been there…clear out on a trail MILES from anywhere and anything and your bike has a flat tire….

==> check here for full review of the Tubliss System

Flat tires on your KTM can ruin the entire riding trip. While I like adventure and issues are part of the adventure.

I try to be as prepared as possible and I don’t leave home without the proper gear to fix flat tires and so should you.

Luckily you only need a few things.

how tubliss works

Here is what you need to bring with you to fix Tubliss

That’s really only what I bring.

If I plan on going for a REALLY long ride or on a Multi day riding trip I will also include

I will admit I have NEVER had to replace the high pressure tube bladder….Also, not a single one of my friends have had to either.

I use Tubliss on my KTM not only to get rid of having to fix flats and pinched flats but for a much better reason.

The traction you get with using Tubliss on your KTM is HUGE

In my opinion this is the number one reason why you should run Tubliss on your KTM bike.

You can have the best bike in the world but if you don’t have any traction…..your going to get nowhere fast.

Kenda Ibex with tubliss

I run Tubliss at 5-7 PSI on my KTM

This is for both the front and rear tires. In the past I ran 8-10 PSI because I was scared of breaking something.

Last riding season we talked to the owner of Tubliss and he told us to try a lower pressure.

In fact he said go all the way to 0 PSI and start adding air until you don’t like the feel of the tires the back it off a bit.

When doing this I liked the tires to be around 5-7 PSI.

I have a buddy that races a Kawasaki KX450 and runs his Maxxis tires at 0 PSI……

=> Maxxcross Desert IT with Tubliss

I do have another friend that doesn’t like to run 5-7 PSI in his front tire….That is the great thing with Tubliss you can choose which ever PSI works best for you or the situation. Mousse bibs you get what you get….

Here is the list of bikes that I have run Tubliss on

  • 2008 KTM 250 XC
  • 2013 KTM 250 XC
  • 2015 KTM 300 XC
  • 2016 KTM 250 XCF
  • 2017 KTM 300 XC
  • 2017 KTM 250 XC

If you are thinking about adding Tubliss to your KTM….don’t wait

If you are wondering on how to install Tubliss click here

Let me know if you have any questions. Please leave them in the comments. Also let me know what bikes you are running Tubliss on.



Tubliss VS Tubes

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dirt bike tube

This is a comparison between a Tube verses the Tubliss 2.0 System

So, you buy your brand new bike and take it out for the very first time! Halfway through the ride you notice something weird with the front end of the bike.

You stop and check it out……its a flat front tire.

Sound familiar?

This happened to me on my 2016 KTM250XCF. The very first ride I got a pinched flat.

Normally before I even ride a new/used bike I bought. I put Tubliss on it as soon as possible.

Tubliss has been a game changer for me and the time spent fixing flat tubes as been significant.

You no longer have to carry patches or an extra tube. You do carry a tubeless patch kit.

Getting a pinched flat takes time and in the gnarly terrain where you want more traction you have to put more air in the tire making the bike deflect and bounce around more.

Tubes VS Tubliss

Yes, I know you can buy Heavy duty or extra Heavy duty tubes which help put you still have to run at a higher PSI and still run the risk of punched flats.

Tube Pros

  • Affordable
  • You only have to worry about one air chamber
  • Come with the bike and can just get out and ride
  • A tiny bit easier to install vs Tubliss
  • Not complicated
  • Heavy duty and Ultra Heavy duty tubes available
  • Little to no maintenance

Tube Cons

  • Stock OEM tubes not heavy duty enough for heavy abuse
  • Pinched Flats
  • Punctures can’t be plugged
  • Trail side fix takes much longer then Tubliss or Mousse bib (see Tubliss VS Mousse here)
  • You can’t just plug it with a tire plug (5-10 mins) and get back to riding
  • Not recommend to run tube at low PSI

how tubliss works

Tubliss Pros

==> see full Tubliss review here

  • Easy to fix with tire plug
  • Can run at a really low PSI
  • Even if you can’t plug the hole, you can still ride back to the truck. Tubliss holds the bead onto the rim.
  • Run any PSI you want….Have friends that have run at 0 PSI with a heavy duty tire
  • Much better traction over standard Tube

Tubliss Cons

  • Expensive when compared to standard Tubes (How ever time lost on fixing tube flats more then makes up for it)
  • You have to check 2 air pressure points per tire before every ride
  • A few more steps when installing it

This is a choice that you are going to have to make. While standard Tubes could get the job done for you. They also can ruin a ride really quick.

This happened to me when riding my brothers 2010 KTM 300 xc. We started out on a morning ride in the desert and within an hour I had a Flat.

If I had Tubliss it wouldn’t have been an issue but in this case It burned up 2-3 hours slowly working our way back to the truck and fixing the tube.

Tubes are much cheaper and you can also buy heavy duty tubes that hold better then stock.

But, my time is limited and I would rather spend a little more money and not have to worry about getting flats.

The traction alone is worth the money!

So, if you are on the fence let me know what the hold up is. Or you can read my full review.


==>CLICK here is you are ready to make an investment into Tubliss





Tubliss with Maxxis MAXXCROSS DESERT IT

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This article is about using Tubliss system with Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT tire.

The Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT tire is a solid all around performer, that wears well and can take a beating.

==> click here for full review of the Tubliss system

The very first set of Tubliss I mounted I also mounted front and rear the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT tire.

Maxxis Desert IT

I had been using the Desert IT tire for a few years because of the value that it provided.

It has good grip (not great) in most conditions and the real reason I was running it was of how long the tire would wear….

The Maxxis Desert IT comes with a stiffer side wall and a rubber compound that holds up against chucking or chipping.

Having a stiffer side wall helps protect against pinched flats if you are using standard tubes.

Because of how stiff the sidewall I have had buddies run their tires during races at ZERO PSI.

Here is what you get with the Maxxcross Desert IT

  • Long lasting dirtbike tire
  • Stiffer sidewalls and carcass
  • Taller knobby’s for desert conditions
  • Do it all tire

Tubliss pressure

Maxxis Desert IT with TUbliss

The Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT works really well with the Tubliss system.

The Desert IT has a really stiff carcass which means you can run this tire at a really low pressure…

In fact one of my buddies runs the Maxxis Desert IT with NO AIR on his KX450 when desert racing….

This allows you to have a ton of traction but the tire still is stiff enough that you really don’t get a ton of tire roll.

I personally like running a Maxxis Desert IT with Tubliss because it is a really tough tire and last longer then comparable tires.

If you are thinking about getting the Maxxis IT…you should do it.





Tubliss with Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater Review

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Shinko with Tubliss

This is a Review of the Shinko 505 with the Tubliss System 2.0

I have been riding with the Shinko 505 Hybrid cheater front and rear tire for over a month now (Scroll past the intro to Shinko for the review).


I am running the Nuetech Tubliss System 2.0 on the front and rear Shinko 505.

For those who are not as familiar with the Shinko 505, here is a brief intro to the tire manufacture.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires was established in Osaka Japan (https://www.shinkotireusa.com/about)

Western Powersports Imports them here in the USA.

Because this is a dirtbike offroad related website we are going to only talk about those tires.

List of Shinko Tires

  • 540 Series (extreme soft terrain Mud/Sand tire)
  • 524/525 Series (Soft to intermediate terrain)
  • 546 Series (All terrain soft to intermediate loam)
  • 500/502 Series (Intermediate to hard terrain)
  • 504/505 Series (Soft, Intermediate, and Hard terrain)
  • 523 Series (Intermediate Terrain)
  • Trail Pro 255 (Super soft Trials bike tire)
  • 421 Series Mini Bike Trail
  • 520 Series (Directional intermediate terrain)
  • SR241 Series (Trials tire)
  • 505 Hybrid Cheater
  • 525 Hybrid Cheater
  • SX216 Series
  • MX216 Series

Shinko makes a variety of tires but are best known for the Hybrid Cheater tire that they make. 

  • 505 Hybrid Cheater
  • All new 525 Hybrid Cheater

How does the 505 Hybrid Cheater tire work in a variety of conditions?

505 Tubliss

Well, Like I mentioned earlier I have had the 505 for over a month now. I been mostly riding out in the desert.

The terrain is extremely soft to solid rocks…..so pretty much everything.

The 505 Hybrid Cheater does well in most conditions but when its really muddy the tire starts to suffer a bit. 

==> click here to see how it compares to the Kenda IBEX tire

I think the 525 will clean out better in the mud but I haven’t tested out the 525 Hybrid yet.

The Shinko 505 because of its hybrid carcass (Flexible knobbies, stiff side wall) offers a TON of grip on rocks, and hard pack conditions.

In fact the Shinko 505 with Tubliss is a very very good setup. I would run 5-7 PSI in the tires with Tubliss.

Tubliss pressure

While not all that good in the mud, on the ice it performed better then a set of Bridgestones with Tubliss.

The traction is better then a normal dirtbike tire but allows you still have a stiff side wall for cornering and braking.

How well does the Shinko 505 tire hold up?

So, far a lot better then I expected. You would think because of the “sticky” compound that the tire uses, that it would wear faster then a normal dirtbike tire.

Well, I have close to 20 hours on the tire and there is ZERO chunking and it is wearing normal.

When under REALLY hard braking it dances a bit more then other tires I am used to running but its not really a big deal.

If you are thinking about getting a Shinko 505 tire I would recommend getting one

==> Click here to get yours 

Its a solid tire that provides better traction then a standard tire and will wear well.

Look forward to the Shinko 525 review as I am going to try that one as well.




Tubliss Problems

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Tubeless tires

Ever wondered what if there are any Tubliss problems?

If so then stick around as this article is for you.

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Tubliss is a system that was built to eliminate flats on your dirt bike tires.

Why is this important. 

Well, if you have ever experienced a flat when you are MILES from the truck you know that getting a flat tire on your dirtbike flat out SUCKS.

Even, if you have the proper tools and extra tubes…..changing a tube trail side isn’t all that fun.

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

The tubes that come from the manufacture really don’t hold up to the abuse that hardcore offroad riders give their tires.

Riding offroad dirt bikes with all the varying terrain really does a number on tires.

You can use Heavy Duty tubes in your dirt bike and this helps with flats but still isn’t bullet proof and I have experienced flats with extra heavy duty tubes.

Ok, Ok so you want to know that Tubliss problems exist….

Tubliss Problems

  • The number one issue in my opinion is they are much more expensive then Heavy Duty Tubes
  • If you don’t install Tubliss with care then you risk damaging the high pressure inner tube
  • If you don’t install Tubliss with care you can damage the red liner that protects the high pressure inner tube
  • You have make sure that you have 100-110 PSI before EVERY RIDE
  • If you don’t clean the rim and apply the rim tape you the inner tube can get popped.

how tubliss works

So, if you can’t tell most of the problems people have with Tubliss happens during the installation process.

The small High pressure inner tube and red liner need to be handled with care when you are spooning it on the rim.

==> click here for instructions on how to install tubliss

Well, what if the high pressure tube fails during a ride?

I never have had this happen to me to be honest, and I have ridden with Tubliss for the past 6+ years.

How, do you combat that….Always make sure that you have enough air pressure in the inner tube before every ride.

It also, doesn’t hurt to carry extra high pressure inner tubes in your back pack along with your tool set. They are MUCH MUCH smaller then a HD inner tube.

Carry a 21″ and a 18″ tube replacement if you are riding a offroad bike instead of an MX.

So, Tubliss isn’t bullet proof but its pretty close…..Mousse bibs is the most bullet proof option but click on the Mousse VS Tubliss link as there are pro and cons to both systems, and right now I choose Tubliss over Mousse bibs.

CLICK HERE for Mousse VS Tubliss

If you ever poke a hole in the Tire and you don’t have plugs to fix it you can ride back to the truck on a flat tire.

The reason you can do this is Tubliss will hold the bead of the tire onto the rim.

I personally have ridden 10-12 miles on a flat front tire with no issues.

Kenda Ibex with tubliss

Either way you need to ditch the OEM tubes for something better….and there aren’t really that many downsides to using Tubliss.

If you have every had any issues or have questions please comment below




Does Tubliss work?

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Have you been learning about Tubliss from your fellow Dirtbike buddies but are really not sure if Tubliss really works or not?

==> Click here to get your set of Tubliss

If so stick around and keep reading.

==> click here for a full review of Tubliss 2018

How Does Tubliss work?

how tubliss works

Tubliss has a high pressure chamber that has a high pressure inner tube inside of a red liner.

This high pressure tube and liner is what will seal the bead for you.

You use rim tape to make sure that you cover any sharp burrs from the spokes. The rim tape doesn’t “Seal” the tire.

==> click here to see more on rim tape installation

You will fill this inner high pressure inner tube with around 100-110 PSI. This along with the red liner is what will seal the dirt bike tire to the rim.

You will then have the 2 different air chambers as seen in the above picture.

  1. Low pressure Tire Chamber (This is where the old inner tube use to be)
  2. High pressure Tubliss Chamber (For sealing the bead)

So, once you ditched the inner tube for Tubliss you will want to make sure that Tubliss is installed correctly.

==> Click here for Tubliss installation

So, Does Tubliss really work?

I personally have used NueTech Tubliss for over 6+ years and I have never had Tubliss fail on me.

Keep in mind in you INSTALL Tubliss correctly you will not have any issues.

Sometimes, for what ever reason the Tubliss high pressure inner tube will slowly loose air pressure.

This is why is CRUCIAL to check the pressure of that high pressure inner tube before EVERY RIDE.

Everyone that I personally ride with use Tubliss and have had the same results as me…..No problems whatsoever.

Does that mean Tubliss is bullet proof?

No, it can fail and I am sure that you search long enough you can find someone that has had issues with Tubliss.

Mousse bibs is the sure fire way to rid yourself of dirtbike flats….

==> click here for Tubliss vs Mousse

However, Tubliss is way EASIER to install then Mousse but there are reasons to use both systems.

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

I highly recommend Tubliss for ANYONE that is riding any of the following conditions:

  1. Single Track
  2. Enduro
  3. Hard Enduro

If you haven’t already invested in Tubliss you need to….

==> Click here to invest in Tubliss

You won’t regret it. If you have ANY questions on how Tubliss works please leave me a comment below.




Tubliss 18″ System

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Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

If you have ever wondered which sizes Tubliss comes with?

Yes? This article is for you.

Nuetech Tubliss didn’t just randomly choose the size of Tubliss, in fact the reason for the sizes are defined by the rim size that comes from the Dirt bike factories.

–> see full review of Tubliss here

There are only 3 sizes that are available to us.

  • Tubliss 18″ rear tire
  • Tubliss 19″ rear tire
  • Tubliss 21″ Front tire

Those Tubliss sizes are defined by which terrain you are going to be riding your dirt bike in.


  • For the front tire you have the Tubliss 21″
  • For the rear tire you have Tubliss 19″

Offroad or Enduro

  • 21″ Tubliss for the front tire
  • 18″ Tubliss for the rear tire

The only difference between the motocross version and the enduro version is the rear tires.

I haven’t heard if Nuetech Tubliss plans on building different sizes for tubliss. Right now there isn’t Tubliss available for mini bikes and so one. Tubliss 17″ does not exist

If you would like to invest in Tubliss get your set below





How Tubliss Works

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Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

When I first heard about the Nuetech Tubliss system….I thought no way it works.

Sound familiar?

Well being a Tubliss convert myself I am here to tell you how Tubliss works.

==> Get your set of Tubliss here

So, you have a dirtbike rim and a dirtbike tire. Normally, you get the tire and the rim to stay together by sealing what the call the bead.

You need something to press the sidewall of the tire down into the middle of the rim and against the side of the rim.

Usually this is accomplished by using a tube, and a bead lock to hold everything in place.

  • You use the air in the tube to seal the entire bead of the tire to the rim.
  • You use the bead lock to make sure everything stays in place.
  • For the most part this works fine, tube and bead lock system.

However, there are a couple of issues with using a tube. 

  1. Tubes from the factory aren’t tough enough to stand up to abuse
  2. If you puncture your tire, you will also puncture your tube….bummer
  3. Most common is the dreaded pinched flat

(Pinch flat happens when you hit a sharp edge so hard that the rim smashes into the sharp edge splitting the tube)

Now, after that brief explanation on what it means to seal the dirt bike tire bead with a tube lets talk about ditching the Tube.

(Check out Mousse bibs here)

So,this is how Tubliss works

how tubliss works

Nuetech uses a 2 stage system to seal the bead to rim.

  • Small high pressure inner tube (Bladder)
  • Red liner to protect and help seal the rim (see above picture)

You will be wrapping the rim with new rim tap

==> click here to find out how to apply Tubliss rim tap

The rim tape isn’t for sealing the bead, its for making sure the spokes don’t puncture the small high pressure inner tube.

The small high pressure inner tube and the red liner are what seals the bead to the rim.

Now you have a sealed bead with 2 air chambers. This allows you use standard tubeless plugs to plug holes in your tire.

If you don’t any plugs and you puncture your tire. The Tubliss system will hold the bead on the rim, meaning you can ride out on a flat tire. (personally done this a few times)

Well, what about Pinched flats? Does Tubliss proctect you from them?

Yes, The redliner protects the inner bladder and both help protect pinched flats. 

I have never gotten a pinched flat with Tubliss! I have run 3-5 PSI in my tires and slammed sharp edge after sharp edge with ZERO issues.

When you are installing Tubliss its VERY important that you don’t damage the red liner. 

==> Tubliss installation instructions here

You also have a rim lock feature on the red liner.

Before EVERY ride make sure that the inner bladder tube is pumped up to 100-110 PSI.

With that enjoy worry free rock smashing once you install Tubliss.

If you haven’t already invested in Tubliss click below

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