Best Tire for Tubliss System Gen 2

Kenda Ibex side profile

This article is about which dirt bike tires works best with the Nuetech Tubliss system Generation 2.0

Latest updates at the very bottom

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Kenda Ibex with tubliss

There are TONS of different options that you can choose when trying to find the perfect tire for the New Tubliss System you bought for your bike.

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Keep in mind that Tubliss will work with just about EVERY single dirtbike tire (Some GoldenTyres require a Mouse bib to be installed ).

Fresh tires and good gas are the BEST MODS you can do to your bike.

Lets be real we aren’t Eli Tomac or Graham Garvis. (I witnessed Graham do some pretty incredible stuff on a stock bike)

which means that we really don’t need more power out of our bike.

We need more GRIP…..

Save yourself thousand of dollars by investing in good tires.

I recommend that you try a bunch of different tire combos to find the best option for your riding style and terrain.

Most people run tires WAY to long including me.

Just because there is tread still on the bike doesn’t mean that you will be getting good traction.

So, below are some of the tires I have personally used with the Tubliss System as you I mentioned above you can use it with just about any tire.

(Always take your time when installing Tubliss and check the air pressure of the inner tube EVERY ride)

Which tires to use with TUBLISS

Tubliss tire recommendation below

Motocross Tires with Tubliss

  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

Offroad Tires with Tubliss – Hard Enduro Tires with Tubliss

  • Shinko
  • GoldenTyre
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

Like I mentioned earlier most tires will work with the Tubliss system. This means you can choose the tire of your choice.

Because Tubliss can be run at such a low pressure you will get way better traction and a better ride.

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Dunlop with tubliss

Tubliss with Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 – Click here to SEE PRICE

I personally have used Tubliss with the Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 which is a good tire and works well in most conditions but wears more quickly than a Bridgestone X30/40 or Maxxis Desert IT

  • Personally I would rather use a more “Sticky” tire that has around the same wear time.
  • I have had to plug this tire

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 with tubliss

Tubliss with the Bridgestone Battlecross X30 or X40 – click here to SEE PRICE

This is a solid choose and can take a beating. It really wears and you have to be careful as you will probably keep it on too long because it doesn’t rip or chuck

  • I have had to plug the front tire
  • Can take a beating
  • Tire wears really well

Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT with Tubliss

Tubliss with Maxxis Desert IT – click here to SEE PRICE

Like the Bridgestone X30/X40 the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT has good a good tread pattern and can take a beating.

  • This tire also wears well.
  • I haven’t had to plug this tire

Sedona MX907 with tubliss

Tubliss with Sedona MX907 – click here to SEE PRICE

This tire probably took the longest to wear down. You can ride this tire FOREVER. It has a unique tread pattern that looks cool but I am not sure if it helped with traction or not.

Sedona has a unique tread pattern

Cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction

I am not really sure if it performs better than the above tires….but it doesn’t perform as well as the Shinko Cheater or Kenda IBEX.

  • This was the hardest tire to mount and take off…..SUPER stiff side wall.
  • You can ride this tire flat.
  • This tire can take a MAJOR beating
  • I never had to plug this tire.

Tubliss with Kenda IBEX K744 (Sticky tire) – Click here to buy it

This is the latest setup I am running.

==> Click here to see my full review of Kenda Ibex

Because there isn’t a front tire I ran a Bridgestone Battlecross X30 front with the Kenda Ibex tire in the rear. It was a solid tire combo.

I ran 5-7 PSI in the front tire and 5 PSI in the IBEX tire. We hit everything…rock slides, roots, boulders, tree crossings, water, mud, loose dirt, loam, and silt.

  • The Kenda IBEX with tubliss gave me a TON of grip
  • Haven’t had to plug it
  • Wear on the tire is pretty good (I am happy if I can get 20 hours out of a tire)

It was amazing how much grip I had with this tire combo. Compared to other tires I have tried nothing compared to how grippy the Kenda Ibex tire is.

I am sure that it has to do with Tubliss as well but man it was good.

I didn’t have to settle for a trials dirtbike tire which has crazy good grip but isn’t all that good at higher speeds.

These tires like the Kenda IBEX, GoldenTyre, and Shinko Cheater tires are giving you the soft compand with the grip but a harder side wall like a motocross tire.

This makes for and EXCELLENT hard enduro tire.

You don’t see the hard enduro pro’s running a trials tire…..

Trial tires are for trial bikes…..not a motocross/enduro bike.

I personally have a 2017 KTM 300 XC but no matter what bike you ride, if its single track you really need to look into getting one of these tires.

If you are doing nothing but trials type of riding then thats ok but when you are riding single track in the mountains you run into just about everything.

I have ridden in the sand with the Kenda Ibex with tubliss and I didn’t even think about it. 

Which means that it was getting good grip and and doing anything weird.

So far its been my favorite tire but next tire change which is coming up I’m going to go for the new Shinko Cheater 525 tire. One of my buddies really liked it.

Overall, if you ride in the west or the east getting setup with the right tire is crucial.

Tubliss allows any tire to run less PSI, thus really increasing the traction.

When you decide to invest in Tubliss, try running the front and rear at 5 PSI…..

I know it sounds crazy because if you are running tubes you are use to 10-15 pounds.

Remember NO MORE PINCHED flats.

Tubliss on the Shinko Cheater 505 Tire

Shinko with Tubliss


This is Shinko Cheater tire was my very first introduction to the hybrid tires that we are starting to see.

The is a tire that has stiff sidewalls but sticky or gummy knobbies. This allows for better grip gnarly grip situations.

My buddy was running the 505 and mentioned how much he loved it. Its better for the bike enduro or motocross bikes then running a trials tire because of all the different terrain we ride it.

I personally tried the Kenda IBEX before the Shinko but I decided that I need to try out the Shinko 505 and then the Shinko 525 tires before going back to a Kenda IBEX

So, here is my mini review of the Shinko 505 tire with Tubliss…

It flat out ROCKS.

The grip you get from the tire and Tubliss is amazing.

The traction is unreal.

Is it better than the Kenda IBEX?? 

To be honest I don’t know yet.

I have ridden the Shinko 505 in every condition and it performs well in ALL conditions.

  • New Hybrid Hard Enduro / Extreme single track trail tire finds traction in the most extreme conditions
  • Best of both worlds, soft sticky rubber compound like the Trail Pro trials tire in a knobby tread pattern to work in a wider variety of soil conditions
  • Where a Trials tire falls short in braking and lose soil conditions, the 505 Cheater bridges that gap to make it the Ultimate Hybrid off-road tire
  • It is Almost like cheating
  • Adds confidence even in the most demanding terrain

In my opinion these new types of tires are a must have for those who ride hard enduro and varying conditions….

I highly recommend the Kenda IBEX with Tubliss, it’s been quite the eye opener

7/23/18 UPDATE

Quick update. I have been riding on the Shinko 505 cheater tire for a couple of months and here are my initial thoughts.

The Shinko 505 Cheater is a SOLID tire. I think it wears a bit better then the Kenda IBEX. 

The Shinko offers a TON of great and can handle lots of abuse.

I like the tread pattern better on the Kenda IBEX vs the Shinko 505

However, Shinko has now released a 525 Cheater tire that is similar tread to the IBEX.

Originally when I first did this review the Shinko 505 was MUCH it was a better buy then the IBEX.

This is NO longer the case as the Kenda IBEX has dropped in price and is much more competitive.

Right now I would choose the Kenda IBEX over the Shinko 505 Cheater tire.

The reason…..The tread on the Kenda is more of what I like.

However, Next time around I am going to test the Shinko 525 and pit it against the Kenda IBEX because the tread pattern are more alike.

9/24/2018 update

I am currently still running the stock tires on my 2018 KTM 250 XC (Dunlop GEOMAX AT81)

They are starting to chunk and wear out….time to get new tires for the ole girl.

I have an extra Kenda IBEX in the shop I am going to through on the rear. Not sure which front I am going to use….I might just keep the stock Dunlop on there this time around.

That all depends on how well its holding up….I will keep you updated.

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