Does Tubliss work?

Have you been learning about Tubliss from your fellow Dirtbike buddies but are really not sure if Tubliss really works or not?

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If so stick around and keep reading.

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How Does Tubliss work?

how tubliss works

Tubliss has a high pressure chamber that has a high pressure inner tube inside of a red liner.

This high pressure tube and liner is what will seal the bead for you.

You use rim tape to make sure that you cover any sharp burrs from the spokes. The rim tape doesn’t “Seal” the tire.

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You will fill this inner high pressure inner tube with around 100-110 PSI. This along with the red liner is what will seal the dirt bike tire to the rim.

You will then have the 2 different air chambers as seen in the above picture.

  1. Low pressure Tire Chamber (This is where the old inner tube use to be)
  2. High pressure Tubliss Chamber (For sealing the bead)

So, once you ditched the inner tube for Tubliss you will want to make sure that Tubliss is installed correctly.

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So, Does Tubliss really work?

I personally have used NueTech Tubliss for over 6+ years and I have never had Tubliss fail on me.

Keep in mind in you INSTALL Tubliss correctly you will not have any issues.

Sometimes, for what ever reason the Tubliss high pressure inner tube will slowly loose air pressure.

This is why is CRUCIAL to check the pressure of that high pressure inner tube before EVERY RIDE.

Everyone that I personally ride with use Tubliss and have had the same results as me…..No problems whatsoever.

Does that mean Tubliss is bullet proof?

No, it can fail and I am sure that you search long enough you can find someone that has had issues with Tubliss.

Mousse bibs is the sure fire way to rid yourself of dirtbike flats….

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However, Tubliss is way EASIER to install then Mousse but there are reasons to use both systems.

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

I highly recommend Tubliss for ANYONE that is riding any of the following conditions:

  1. Single Track
  2. Enduro
  3. Hard Enduro

If you haven’t already invested in Tubliss you need to….

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You won’t regret it. If you have ANY questions on how Tubliss works please leave me a comment below.



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