FMF Gnarly pipe 2 stroke review

FMF Gnarly 2 stroke pipe

Looking into getting a FMF Gnarly pipe for your 2 stroke dirt bike?

If, yes then stick around this review is for you.

I have been replacing my bent, smashed up stock OEM 2 stroke pipes with the FMF Gnarly pipe.

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My last bike which was a 2017 KTM 300 XC had one but I got a new 2017 KTM 250 XC that is still using the stock 2 stroke pipe (It does have a FMF Turbine Core 2 silencer).

With spring around the corner I am sure I will be needing to get a new FMF Gnarly pipe soon….

Why should I buy a FMF Gnarly 2 stroke pipe?

If you are a serious offroad rider and want to broaden the power to get more traction, you need to invest in the FMF Gnarly pipe with a FMF Turbine Core 2 silencer.

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Here are the benefits of the FMF Gnarly 2 stroke pipe

  • 18 gauge steel for way more durability over stock
  • More Tractable power gains
  • Power gains in the bottom to mid range
  • FMF uses a Tru-Flo stamping process to ensure perfect fit
  • Most cases can be used with stock silencer
  • O – rings are included

Downsides of the FMF Gnarly 2 stroke pipe

  • There isn’t ANY

Getting a FMF Gnarly pipe is cheaper and better than replacing it with a stock OEM 2 stroke pipe.

For example KTM’s OEM 2 stroke pipe for a 300 xc costs around $400 bucks…..


The toughest 2 stroke pipe you can buy

The Gnarly is made to take a beating and is probably one of the toughest 2 stroke pipes you can buy.

Along with giving you better bottom end power, this allows for more traction.

For those who ride hard enduro or offroad know that traction is KING.

FMF also pre dent’s the top of the FMF Gnarly for KTM bikes allowing the pipe to wrap closer to the bike.

This keeps the FMF pipe further away from trouble, but not completely out of trouble.

If you need to fix other dents in your FMF Gnarly 2 stroke pipe, be aware that the pre dent will also be fixed.

(This happened to one of my buddies)

FMF is one of the few companies that are still investing time and money in development of 2 stroke pipes.

If you are the type of Dirt bike rider that is hard on pipes (You know who you are)

You really don’t have a choice…..The FMF Gnarly pipe is the best 2 stroke pipe for the job.

FMF Gnarly with Powercore 2

The FMF Gnarly with a Turbine powercore 2 is the best combination for a 2 stroke rider who rides hard enduro.

The Turbine powercore 2 is Forest Service approved.

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Let us know what you think about your FMF Gnarly 2 stroke pipe.



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