How Tubliss Works

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When I first heard about the Nuetech Tubliss system….I thought no way it works.

Sound familiar?

Well being a Tubliss convert myself I am here to tell you how Tubliss works.

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So, you have a dirtbike rim and a dirtbike tire. Normally, you get the tire and the rim to stay together by sealing what the call the bead.

You need something to press the sidewall of the tire down into the middle of the rim and against the side of the rim.

Usually this is accomplished by using a tube, and a bead lock to hold everything in place.

  • You use the air in the tube to seal the entire bead of the tire to the rim.
  • You use the bead lock to make sure everything stays in place.
  • For the most part this works fine, tube and bead lock system.

However, there are a couple of issues with using a tube. 

  1. Tubes from the factory aren’t tough enough to stand up to abuse
  2. If you puncture your tire, you will also puncture your tube….bummer
  3. Most common is the dreaded pinched flat

(Pinch flat happens when you hit a sharp edge so hard that the rim smashes into the sharp edge splitting the tube)

Now, after that brief explanation on what it means to seal the dirt bike tire bead with a tube lets talk about ditching the Tube.

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So,this is how Tubliss works

how tubliss works

Nuetech uses a 2 stage system to seal the bead to rim.

  • Small high pressure inner tube (Bladder)
  • Red liner to protect and help seal the rim (see above picture)

You will be wrapping the rim with new rim tap

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The rim tape isn’t for sealing the bead, its for making sure the spokes don’t puncture the small high pressure inner tube.

The small high pressure inner tube and the red liner are what seals the bead to the rim.

Now you have a sealed bead with 2 air chambers. This allows you use standard tubeless plugs to plug holes in your tire.

If you don’t any plugs and you puncture your tire. The Tubliss system will hold the bead on the rim, meaning you can ride out on a flat tire. (personally done this a few times)

Well, what about Pinched flats? Does Tubliss proctect you from them?

Yes, The redliner protects the inner bladder and both help protect pinched flats. 

I have never gotten a pinched flat with Tubliss! I have run 3-5 PSI in my tires and slammed sharp edge after sharp edge with ZERO issues.

When you are installing Tubliss its VERY important that you don’t damage the red liner. 

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You also have a rim lock feature on the red liner.

Before EVERY ride make sure that the inner bladder tube is pumped up to 100-110 PSI.

With that enjoy worry free rock smashing once you install Tubliss.

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