IRC VE33s Gekkota Rear Tire Review


This is a review of the 2019 IRC Gekkota VE33S Rear tire

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(QUICK UPDATE March 30th 2020)

I have been running the VE33s for the last 3 months and have mostly ridden in the desert and sand. I did ride it down at FIVE MILES OF HELL – CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO and so far the VE33s has held up better than ANY gummy tire that I have ever ridden.

The large knobbies really dig into the sand and loose dirt. It has good grip in the mud and on the rocks.

Do I think the grip is as good as the Kenda IBEX or the Dunlop AT81EX?


However, there is no perfect tire out there but the IRC VE33s really performs well in just about every condition.

I feel like the IRC VE33s really is the DO IT ALL gummy tire. I have been really pleased with its performance. So much I have another brand new one sitting in the garage.

It cleans out had boy can it take a beating I have over 10 hours so far on the IRC Gekkota VE33s I am riding on right now and it still has a ton of life left.

No flats to report. I am using Tubliss 2.0 right now.

Stay tuned for more.

Every once in awhile a manufacture will come out with a new tire for the enduro crowd that gets everyone excited.

IRC has done that with the Gekkota VE33s rear tire.

The name “Gekkota” is a bit strange…but HEY if it works who cares what IRC calls it.

Calcutta Outdoors

When IRC set out to build the VE33S they wanted to build something that could be really grippy but also be able to take the abuse that dirtbike tires take.

The Gekkota V33 rear tire is built out of an optimum rubber compound that allows you to get traction in the places that need it.

This IRC V33S tire has been developed for cross country and hard enduro racing.

Developed and tested in the most extreme enduro-style conditions.

New gummy compound enhances high-speed cornering performance and durability.

Sidewall rigidity provides extra bump-absorption performance.

Tall blocks are designed to provide a larger contact patch and flexibility for maximum traction no matter the conditions.

Tube type.

M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph.

Here are what people are saying about the IRC Gekkota VE33s tire

“the best tire for the type of riding I do”

” I have been using the VE33 since the early 90s best all around tire out there”

“Looks grippy, big knobs with even distribution”

“Has been a great tire time and time again whether im riding east coast mud, west coast rocky single track or trying to climb a big hill”

The IRC Gekkota VE33 tire is a new sticky tire that offers you grip and knobby performance that is needed when riding offroad.


When you ride offroad you encounter just about every different kind a conditions imaginable.

Gekkota VE33S tire


How does the IRC Gekkota VE33S compare?

  • Shinko 505 Cheater
  • Shinko 525 Cheater
  • Kenda IBEX
  • GoldenTyre

We are in the process of pitting them against each other and so far the VE33S really is stacking up.

It has the grip of the Kenda IBEX 

With the durability of the Shinko tires

What sizes does the IRC Gekkota VE33S rear come in?

  • Gekkota VE33S 100/100×18

The IRC VE33S is an intermediate tire for offroad racing and riding.


IRC Gekkota VE33 Specs

  • Position Rear
  • Load Rating 64
  • Speed Rating M
  • Tire Type Offroad
  • Tire Application Intermediate T10161
Front / RearRear
Tire Size110/100-18
Bias / RadialBias Ply
Rim Size18
Tube / TubelessTube Type
Load Index64
Speed RatingM
Tread TypeKnobby

IRC Gekkota VE33S with TUbliss

Tubliss is highly recommended to run with the VE33. This combination makes you pretty much unstoppable.

Sticky tires with the ability to run at a low pressure really make for the best grip available.

We are working on a full review with Tubliss and the VE33s

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