Sick of getting pinched flats in the middle of no where?

KTM 300 Tubliss

KTM 300 Tubliss

You FINALLY get a weekend to get out to ride your beloved dirt bike. You load up with all your gear and head out in the morning for an epic adventure.

You unload your bike put all your gear on which seems to take forever….out on the trail the bike feels good. 

You have the sun on your bike and a light breeze on your face. You get further and further away from the truck, forgetting about your problems and worries….(one of the reasons we dirtbike)

When out of nowhere you start to feel your front tire doing something weird…..

You think its probably nothing so you press on looking for the next corner….nope its getting worse.

So, you slow down only to quickly glance to see your tire looks low.

Sure enough you can hear air leaking out of the tube….

Your miles from the truck with no tools, no extra tube, or patch to fix the tire….

You trip is now ruined. With no way to fix the flat you are forced to turn back towards the truck early.

With every rock or bump you are worried about trashing your rim….

Having a Flat tire or pinched tire while riding is one of the biggest let downs when riding.

This is the reason we start to carry more and more gear….WHY

To make sure we protect that precious time out dirt bike riding.

Is this your fault?

No, the manufacturers decide to put the lightest duty tube from the factory.

How do you save your rides from disappointing flats?

Nuetech Tubliss System Generation 2.0

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