Tubliss Nuetech Gen 2.0 Combo Wheel MX Offroad Dirtbike – 21″ + 18″



This is a Tubliss combo kit where you get the 21″ Tubliss for the Front tire/Rim and the 18″ Tubliss for your rear tire/rim

That way you don’t have to go and by them both separately.

Not sure if Tubliss is right for you? CLICK HERE

 Tubliss Combo Kit

  • 21 ” Tubliss
  • 18 ” Tubliss

Comes with everything you need to install Tubliss on your dirtbike. This includes the instructions, rim tape, and rim slide.

*** However it does not include the drill bit you will need to make the hole a little bigger. Don’t worry its a common drill bit.

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