Should I buy Tubliss?

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I wondered the same thing when I first heard of the Tubliss Gen 1 system.

It sounded a bit to good to be true…no more flats…what was the catch?

Below are a few things to consider when investing into the Tubliss System for your dirt bike.

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Here is what you get with Tubliss System 2.0

  • No pinched flats
  • Lighter then HD tubes
  • Easy to plug (it really easy to plug)
  • Even if you get a flat it will hold the bead on to get you back to the truck
  • Run at a lower air pressure for more traction
  • Run at a lower air pressure for more comfort

Honestly, it took me a while before I actually pulled the trigger on buying the Tubliss system. 

I had already read what the magazines said about them but tI wasn’t until I had a friend mention that he installed them on his KTM 250SX.

He had nothing about GOOD things to say about his Tubliss tires.

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

So, Should you buy Tubliss for your dirt bike?

I would.

I have put them on every single bike I have owned in the past 8 years. All my friends as well.

Tubliss comes in the following tire sizes:

  • Tubliss 18 ” – rear tire
  • Tubliss 19 ” – rear tire
  • Tubliss 21 ” – front tire
  • Tubliss doesn’t come in any other tire size

Is there a downside to Tubliss?

Yes, they cost around $95 for the front and rear tires. (can be expensive)

You can buy a lot of Heavy duty tubes for that cost, However its worth it to me because I hate pinched flats.

The first time installing Tubliss is a bit of a learning curb, but it really isn’t hard at all.

I Highly recommend that if you ride dirt bikes offroad and hate pinched flats, the Tubliss is a must have

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I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again, Tubliss in my opinion is the SINGLE best investment for my dirtbike.

I have put it on EVERY SINGLE bike I have owned for years.

In fact there have been times that had a brand new bike, and I replaced the new tubes with TUbliss before the bike hit the dirt.

The first time installing Tubliss took me a while. I had to watch the youtube videos a few times haha. 

They do provide you with the instructions on how to install it. 

There are a few 2 ways to get the Tubliss to seal the bead of the tire. (I will do another article about this)

In the beginning, I would use the water and soap method when sealing the bead which has worked well and I haven’t had any issues with it.

That past few Tubliss installs I have been using Stans Tire sealant – Check it out here

Stans tire sealant

I feel using tire slime or Stans tire sealant helps with setting the bead but also taking care of all the small punctures you can get in your tire.

Stans website:

So, far I prefer using Stans Tire Sealant but I am sure there is other awesome tire slimes…..

Comment on what you have used

Make sure when you are installing the Tubliss onto the dirtbike rim that you use a TON of lubricant.

This is crucial, as you do not want to damage the red liner or the inner tube. (I use ArmorAll Spray)

ArmorAll Tubliss

I also use ArmorAll to put tires on.


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