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Top 3 Dirtbike Tube replacement options

Honda CR250R with Tubliss

I get asked all of the time which options should you go with when replacing the stock OEM tubes in your Dirt Bike.

Really there isn’t one clear option for everyone as each person has a different budget, riding style, and riding terrain.

You want to make sure that you purchase the very best solution or product for you and your dirt bike.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Budget
  • Does it solve flat tires
  • How easy is it to install
  • How long does it last

However, I am able to give you the top 3 dirt bike tube replacement options.

Let’s get started with the number one OEM Tube replacement option.

Top 5 Dirtbike Tube replacement options.

  1. Tubliss System

Tubliss is my personal number one choice.



Tubliss is a easy and affordable way to completely get rid of flat tires and pinched flats.

Tubliss is a system that allows you to ditch the normal tube that comes with the bike from the factory.

You will then install a system seen above that has a inner bladder and red liner to seal the bead and allow you to run the dirt bike tire without a tube.

The amazing thing about the Tubliss System is that it allows you to run the dirtbike tire at ANY tire pressure you like.

For example I run Tubliss at 5-7 lbs both in the rear tire and the front tire.

This allows for WAY MORE grip then a standard tube. You also eliminate the bouncing and deflecting that happens when running a higher PSI in your dirtbike tube.

Does it completely eliminate flats….


However, you just use a standard plug to patch the hole in the tire. This means you don’t have to take the tire off or anything. Usually this takes less in 10 minutes but can be done in only a few minutes.

If you don’t have a kit to plug a tire (SEE what KIT I am talking about HERE)

You can ride back to the truck as Tubliss will hold the tire bead on the rim.

Is Tubliss bullet proof no…but its close.

I have yet to have one fail on me…even after using them on everyone of my bikes over the past 6-7 years.

So, below are the pros and cons of the Tubliss System

Tubliss Pros

  • Eliminates most flats and pinched flats
  • Easy to plug when you do get a flat tire
  • Installation isn’t too difficult
  • Last a long time and protects your rim
  • Can run at whatever PSI you need for the terrain
  • Can run with a flat tire

Tubliss Cons

  • Not exactly Cheap (see below for price)
  • A few extra steps when installing
  • Still have to plug the tire
  • If you bend your rim really bad the system could fail

Tubliss Systems Price $179.90 (Front and rear tire price)

2. Mousse Bib Tube

Mousse bibs are what the pro riders use….



They are the most indestructible product that dirtbike riders can get their hands on.

Mousse bibs don’t get flats and for the most part can take a MAJOR beating for wearing out or breaking.

The reason that mose pro riders choose Mousse bibs over Tubliss or Heavy duty tubs…is they still work when you bend or smash up your rim.

Most weekend warriors like myself don’t bend their rim all that often…not saying it can’t happen.

I am nowhere close to a pro rider.

Mousse bids is the choice for most hard enduro riders.

They are not easy to install and there is a bit of a learning curve.

They also need to be broken in a bit.

Now this break in period depends on which Mousse tube you go with.

They usually start around feeling around 10-15 PSI and then break down from there.

This also means you really can’t control how much air pressure (if you want to call it that) is in the tire.

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

I have seen pros drill holes through the Mousse to get the desired feel

Some riders complain about the “Dead” feeling Mousse bibs have.

However, You can really ride with the ultimate confidence as you will never get a flat tire….

This is the Major bonus point of Mousse tubes….not flats…no pinched tubes…..indestructible.  

So if you want the most indestructible product out there and you don’t care about the different PSI or Cost then the Mousse tubes are for you.

Mousse Tubes Pros

  • Indestructible
  • No flats or pinched flats
  • Last longer then heavy duty tube
  • protects your rim
  • As it breaks down you get better grip
  • Simple

Mousse Tubes Cons

  • Costly
  • Harder to install
  • Can’t control the PSI
  • Dead Feel

Mousse Bib Tube price: $106-$150 (Price is for one tire)

Ultra Heavy Duty dirt bike tube

3. Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes

Ultra heavy duty tubes are WAY better than your standard OEM tubes.


They can take a way higher beating and are way less prone to pinched flats.

Heavy Duty tubes are great because they are so much cheaper then the Tubliss and Mousse systems.

They are easier to install and really isn’t a learning curve.

When running a Ultra Heavy Duty tube you can smash into just about anything and in most cases not worry about getting a flat tire.

This is the option if you don’t want to invest in the more expensive options and just care about having a simple easy to install option for your dirtbike.

Heavy duty tubes are still being used everywhere.

Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes Pros

  • Cost effective
  • Protect against Flats better than OEM tubes
  • Easy to install
  • Can run at a little less PSI vs Stock tubes
  • Easy to find

Ultra Heavy Duty TUbes Cons

  • Don’t completely protect against flats
  • Having to carry spare Tubes on your ride
  • Have to run the Tubes at a higher PSI
  • Less traction

Ultra Heavy Duty Tube Price: $20-$40 per tire

Final Thoughts:

Any of the above options are a must for any hard enduro rider……..The stock or OEM tubes will not stand up to the abuse.

The last thing that you want is to ruin your riding with a flat tire. 

The Mousse Tube bib you will never get a flat

The Tubliss System you can plug a flat in 5 minutes or ride back to the truck

The Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes significantly reduces your chances of getting a flat

That being said I personally prefer Tubliss over all….


For the money it’s the best bang for your buck.

The ability to run at whatever PSI I want is really important

And…Tubliss really isn’t all that hard to install.

There you go.

What do you prefer and WHY?

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Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Does Tubliss work on an Adventure Bike

I get asked from time to time if Tubliss works with Adventure bikes? (Also known as ADV bikes)


Adventure bikes for those who are wondering are bikes that you can use on road and offroad. However, they tend to be bikes that spend more time on pavement vs dirt.

Dual Sport VS Adventure bike

So, the question Does Tubliss work on an Adventure bikes?

The answer is Depends.

As you probably notice Adventure bikes come in all different shapes and sizes.

You have the more pavement road worth ADV bikes and then the more dirt worth ADV bikes.

how tubliss works


Tubliss was designed for a dirt only application. However, I have ridden my bike on pavement with Tubliss for miles but haven’t experienced any failure.

Note** I would strongly suggest you DON’T use Tubliss on paved roads

Will Tubliss fit an adventure bike?

That all depends on the size of the rim.

Tubliss only comes in the following rims sizes

  • Front 21″ Inch Rim Tubliss
  • Rear 19″ Inch Rim Tubliss
  • Rear 18″ Inch Rear Tubliss

So some of the bigger ADV bikes will have a different tire size.

But if your adventure bikes comes with a the above mentioned sizes they will fit. And if you are using your Adventure bike mainly for dirt riding with maybe a mile here and there then Tubliss probably would work for you.


If not I would recommend you stick to a Heavy Duty Tube instead of Tubliss

Adventure bikes


  • KTM 690 ENDURO
  • KTM 1090 Adventure R
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure R
  • KTM 500 SXCF
  • KTM 450 EXCF Six Days
  • KTM 350 EXCF
  • KTM 259 EXCF


  • BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
  • BMW R 1200 GS
  • BMW S 1000 XR
  • BMW F 800 GS Adventure
  • BMW F 850 GS
  • BMW F 750 GS
  • BMW G 310 GS
  • BMW R1250 GS


  • Honda VFR1200X
  • Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L
  • Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L2
  • Honda HC750X
  • Honda HC700X
  • Honda CB500X
  • Honda CRF450L
  • Honda CRF250L
  • Honda CRF250L Rally
  • Honda XR650L


  • Kawasaki KLX250
  • Kawasaki KLR650


  • Yamaha Super Tenere ES
  • Yamaha Super Tenere
  • Yamaha WR250R
  • Yamaha XT250
  • Yamaha TW200


  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro


  • Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT
  • Suzuki V-Strom 1000
  • Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT Adventure
  • Suzuki V-Strom 1000ABS Adventure
  • Suzuki V-Strom 650XT
  • Suzuki V-Strom 650XT Touring
  • Suzuki V-Strom 650
  • Suzuki DR650S
  • Suzuki DRZ400S
  • Suzuki DR200S
  • Suzuki  VanVan 200

Beta Motorcycles

  • Beta 350 RRS
  • Beta 390 RRS
  • Beta 430 RRS
  • Beta 500 RRS


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Where to buy Tubliss

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Where to buy Tubliss

Have you been miles from the truck with a flat tire, no tools, and no way to fix it?

So, have I.

When I first was introduced to TUbliss I thought “no way it works”. A year or so went by and I finally was able to meet someone that actually was running the Tubliss Gen 1.0 system.

What to skip my review and just buy it – Click here

Where to buy Tubliss ?

You can buy Tubliss on Amazon Prime….I recommend getting the front and rear at the same time. This way you can have tubliss all around and you don’t have to carry a tube and plugs.

Also, in this article we jump into how Tubliss works and why its a solid product to invest in.

CLICK here to buy Tubliss

There is a small high pressure inner tube that has a red rubber chamber that holds the high pressure tube. This creates 2 air chambers. This allows you to ditch the traditional tube.

Tubliss, Dual chamber, Dirtbike, Offroad, Tires, Tubliss, No tubs

This person was someone that was much faster than I and WAY harder on rims.

His response to me when I asked about it was, “I HATE flats, get some you will not regret it” that’s it.

That week bought the TUbliss 18” and the TUbliss 21” for my KTM.

How do you install TUbliss ?

This was my next question. Really, I was quite nervous that I would screw it up and the instructions that TUbliss provides are good, but I am a visual person and the watching the installation videos on YouTube was MUCH better for me.

Installing TUbliss is a lot like installing a normal tire.

The key is to slow down and use lots of lube (I use Armor All). The reason you want to slow down as you don’t want to damage the red liner. This liner is key in sealing up the bead.

The Gen 1.0 Tubliss red liner was as tough and only gave you enough rim tape to cover the inside of the rim. Nuetech now provides you with the

Tubeless Gen 2 Tire System

TUbliss Gen 2.0 that has a tougher red liner and much more rim tape.

Changing a tire with TUbliss isn’t all that hard.

You let the air out of both chambers. Spoon the tire off – Make sure you aren’t spooning the tire and the red liner.

Where to buy Tubliss

Once you get the tire off, you then can proceed to put on the tire the same way you did originally – see installation video.

Want to invest in TUbliss – click here

Questions about TUbliss that I commonly get:

Does Tubliss really work?

Yep, and we have been putting it on our bikes for over 6 years. Personally, if you take your time and install the Tubliss correctly you will not have any failures.

What PSI to run Tubliss ?

Well, at first I was running 10 PSI front and rear tires. Why? Because of a mental block from all the pinched flats I have gotten running lower pressures with normal tubes.

This whole summer I started running less and less and I know am running 5 lbs in the front and the rear. TUbliss recommends putting in 10 PSI first and then running the same course and slowly take air out of each tire. Keep doing this until you don’t like the feel of the tires and then go back up to find the perfect PSI for your tires, riding style, and terrain.

Is TUbliss heavier than standard tubes ?

I don’t think its lighter than the tubes that come from the factory. It probably is lighter than an extra HD tube. I haven’t weighed them.

Why aren’t more extreme offroad enduro pros using them ?

Honestly, I think its because pros trash the hell out of their rims which means that bending a rim would cause air to leak but that’s not a failure of the TUbliss system that’s rim failure. However, I personally know guys who are much faster than the average rider that have run them for years and have bent their rims and it still works.

Pros opt for Mouse bids which are harder to install and wear out faster.

If Tubliss was so good why aren’t they being used in Supercross and Motocross ?

I don’t know the answer to that one. Really, I think they would benefit from getting more traction running lower PSI. I think it’s because it’s so damn competitive that teams are scared to try something new or they just want to do what the big teams are doing…

How long does Tubliss last ?

This all depends, really. I usually rotate my bike every 2 years. I haven’t replaced a set on any of my bikes. I inspect the Tubliss for damage every time I change a tire.

Towards the end of the 2 year cycle the Tubliss looks a little worn but still is holding the bead.

Is TUbliss right for me ?

Do you hate flats? Do you hate changing tubes on the trail? – Buy click here to buy it

If you aren’t a Pro racer and not getting paid to finish races. You should buy it.

If you are already using Mouse Bibs and fine with the performance and tire changes, there no need to change. NUETECH makes a sweet new Mousse called Nitromousse. Buy it here ->

I haven’t tried the Nuetech Nitromousse yet.

What if I don’t have plugs and I get a flat with Tubliss ? This has happened to me before. I rode 15 miles at a pretty good clip on a flat front tire. Because TUbliss holds the bed onto the rim the tire still was able to work. I just went slower than normal and avoided pounding into rocks.

Do you use tire sealant with TUbliss ?

Yes, I do but there are times that I didn’t and it still worked perfect

What are the downsides of Tubliss ?

It costs more than standard HD tubes. You have to be a little more careful installing it to make sure you seal the bead. Bent rim could mean bead no longer seals.

The Tubliss system is too expensive 

Well, that’s a valid concern and my only response to that is I would rather spend more money to only have to take 5 minutes to fix a flat instead of 30-40 minutes fixing a flat on a tube.

Money is replaceable time is not.

Where to buy Tubliss

If you still need some proof here are some videos of what others are saying about Tubliss system.

The TUbliss Gen 2.0 system will fit any dirtbike that has the following rim size:

Tubliss 21 ” rim

Tubliss 19 “ rim

Tubliss 18 “ rim

TUbliss is designed for offroad use only.

Get your set now – CLICK HERE


How long does Tubliss last

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Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

How long does Tubliss last

Have you ever wondered how long Tubliss lasts?

One of the questions I get all the time is “when do you change out your Tubliss system for a new one?”

The answer:

That depends!

I have used the Tubliss system for quite some time. I don’t remember the exact date I started using Tubliss but its been at least the past 5 years.

Not sure what Tubliss is?

Click here to see full review

To this date I haven’t had to replace or repair ANYTHING on the Tubliss.

Now…I typically only keep a bike to 100-120 hours and then invest in a new one. 

I don’t know what Tubliss recommends when it comes to replacing the Red Liner or the inner bladder.

But, I know that the Tubliss can take a major beating and lasts FOREVER…..

Here is what to check when seeing how long TUBLISS LASTs,

  • During a tire change, inspect the redliner for knicks or damage
  • Inspect the inner bladder tube for MAJOR chafing
  • Replace with a new Tubliss system if the redliner is damaged
  • You can get replacement Tubliss inner bladders HERE
  • If the Inner bladder slowly leaks…replace it.

When I initially was presented to TUbliss I assumed “no chance it functions”. A year or two passed and also I ultimately had the ability to fulfill a person that really was running the Tubliss Gen 1.0 system.

Have I.

Exactly how does TUbliss function?

There is a little high pressure internal tube that has a red rubber chamber that holds the high pressure tube. This develops 2 air chambers. This permits you to ditch the standard tube.

You could additionally take a look at TUbliss’s very own web site – Go here to see just what they state

Mounting TUbliss is a great deal like setting up a regular tire. How long does Tubliss last.
The trick is to decrease and also utilize great deals of lube (I make use of Shield All). The factor you intend to reduce as you do not wish to harm the red lining. This lining is type in securing up the grain.

Exactly how do you set up TUbliss?

This was my following concern. Actually, I was fairly anxious that I would certainly screw it up as well as the guidelines that TUbliss supplies excel, however I am an aesthetic individual and also the enjoying the setup video clips on YouTube was BETTER for me.

When you obtain the tire off, you after that could continue to place on the tire similarly you did initially– see installment video clip.

The Gen 1.0 Tubliss red lining was as difficult and also just provided you sufficient rim tape to cover the within the edge. Nuetech currently gives you with the

That week got the TUbliss 18″ and also the TUbliss 21″ for my KTM.

How long does Tubliss last

TUbliss Gen 2.0 that has a harder red lining as well as a lot more edge tape.

He or she was somebody that was much faster compared to I as well as MEANS harder on edges.

Transforming a tire with TUbliss isn’t really all that tough.
You allowed the air out of both chambers. Spoon the tire off– See to it you typically aren’t spooning the tire and also the red lining.

His action to me when I inquired about it was, “I DISLIKE apartments, obtain some you will certainly not regret it” that’s it.

Intend to buy TUbliss – click on this link

Pros select Computer mouse quotes which are more difficult to mount and also break much faster.

I haven’t tried have not Attempted Nitromousse.

Is TUbliss much heavier compared to basic tubes?
I do not assume its lighter compared to televisions that originate from the manufacturing facility. It possibly is lighter compared to an added HD tube. I have not considered them.

What happens if I do not have plugs and also I obtain a level with Tubliss? This has actually taken place to me prior to. I rode 15 miles at a respectable clip on a level front tire. Since TUbliss holds the bed into the edge the tire still had the ability to function. I simply went slower compared to typical as well as prevented battering right into rocks.

For how long does Tubliss last?

This depends, actually. I normally revolve my bike every 2 years. I have not changed an established on any one of my bikes. I evaluate the Tubliss for damages each time I transform a tire.

This entire summertime I began running much less as well as much less as well as I recognize am running 5 pounds in the front and also the back. TUbliss suggests placing in 10 PSI initially and afterwards running the very same training course as well as gradually take air out of each tire. Maintain doing this up until you do not such as the feeling of the tires then return as much as locate the perfect PSI for your tires, riding design, and also surface.

To completion of the 2 year cycle the Tubliss looks a little used however still is holding the grain.

If Tubliss was so great why typically aren’t they being made use of in Supercross as well as Motocross?

I have no idea the solution to that a person. Actually, I believe they would certainly gain from obtaining even more grip running reduced PSI. I assume it’s due to the fact that it’s so damn affordable that groups are frightened to attempt something brand-new or they simply intend to do just what the huge groups are doing …

Why typically aren’t much more severe offroad enduro pros utilizing them?

Truthfully, I assume its since pros trash the heck from their edges which suggests that flexing an edge would certainly create air to leakage yet that’s not a failing of the TUbliss system that’s edge failing. I directly understand men that are much faster compared to the typical biker that have actually run them for years as well as have curved their edges as well as it still functions.

Does Tubliss actually function?

Yep, as well as we have actually been placing it on our bikes for over 6 years. Directly, if you take your time as well as set up the Tubliss properly you will certainly not have any type of failings.

If you are currently utilizing Computer mouse Bibs as well as great with the efficiency as well as tire modifications, there no should transform. NUETECH makes a pleasant brand-new Mousse called Nitromousse. Purchase it right here ->

If you typically aren’t a Pro racer as well as not earning money to complete races. You must get it.

Is TUbliss right for me?

Do you despise apartments? Do you despise altering tubes on the path?– Purchase visit this site to purchase it

What PSI to run Tubliss?

Well, initially I was running 10 PSI front and also back tires. Why? As a result of a psychological block from all the pinched apartments I have actually obtained running reduced stress with regular tubes.

Do you utilize tire sealer with TUbliss?

Yes, I do however there are times that I really did not and also it still functioned perfect

Tubliss 21″ edge.

The TUbliss Gen 2.0 system will certainly fit any kind of dirtbike that has the adhering to edge dimension:.

Tubliss 19″ edge.

If you still require some evidence right here are some video clips of just what others are stating concerning Tubliss system.

Just what are the drawbacks of Tubliss?

It sets you back greater than basic HD tubes. You need to be a bit a lot more cautious mounting it making certain you secure the grain. Bent edge can imply grain not seals.

Tubliss 18″ edge.

The Tubliss system is as well costly.
Well, that’s a legitimate issue and also my only action to that is I prefer to invest even more money to just need to take 5 mins to deal with a level as opposed to 30-40 mins taking care of a level on a tube.

Money is changeable time is not.

How long does Tubliss last




Tubliss on a Yamaha

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Yamaha Tubliss

Ever wondered if you could get Tubliss for your Yamaha dirt bike?

The answer is yes…..

Will Tubliss fit on ANY Yamaha dirt bike?

The answer is no…

However, Tubliss isn’t brand specific, rather its rim size specific.

==> Click here for full review of the Tubliss system

There is a limit to which size of rim that Tubliss currently fits on…and it comes in 3 different sizes for now.

Tubliss tire sizes

  • 21 Inch
  • 19 inch
  • 18 inch

So, if you have any Yamaha dirt bike with a 21″ front rim you can put tubliss on your front tire.

List of Yamaha bikes that require a 21″ and 19″ rim Tubliss 

  • YZ450F
  • YZ250F
  • YZ250
  • YZ125

List of Yamaha bikes that require a 21″ and 18″ rim Tubliss system

  • YZ450FX
  • YZ250FX
  • YZ250X
  • WR450
  • WR250

Tubliss System will work great for any Yamaha dirt bike, in fact I highly recommend using Tubliss if you ride offroad or enduro.

Click here to go to Yamaha’s website

One of my riding buddies who destroys rims and swears by Tubliss on his 2017 Yamaha 250X. 

He has been using Tubliss for years. Everytime he gets a new bike the first thing he does is put Tubliss on his bike.

I spent a around 6 hours on this Yamaha YZ250x riding it fast desert with big whoops and loose conditions.  Even with running the tires at a lower then normal PSI, I never felt uncomfortable going fast.

As many of you know, Yamaha makes some of the best performing off the self front forks.

Adding Tubliss with the KYB SSS forks just made it perform even better.

In fact when comparing a 2017 KTM 250/300xc with the AER air fork to the Yamaha YZ250x, the Yamaha would do a better job in the high speed whoops.

I would feel more planted and safer but with solid rebound and compression.

Using Tubliss will help you eliminate flats, and provide you with better traction.

This will allow you to stay out riding for much longer and climb up that gnarly rock section that everyone else is struggling with.

Tubliss is a must have upgrade to your Yamaha.

==> Click here to get your Tubiss now

While Tubliss will not fit on ANY Yamaha dirt bike it will fit on the major YZ and WR bikes.

*** As always please comment below letting me know what bike your ride and if you have any questions.




Tubliss pressure

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Tubliss pressure

Getting the right Tubliss pressure is really important when using Tubliss with your dirtbike.

I get this question all the time from people….

==> click here to see full review of Tubliss

What tire pressure are you running with Tubliss?

Lets back up a little to first talk about how Tubliss works.

Tubliss 2.0 system works by sealing the bead of the tire to the rim.

There is a small high pressure inner tube surrounded by a red liner. 

Tubliss mentions two different pressure chambers. As you can see in the image below

Tubliss red liner

This combo along with rim tape, will hold the tire on the bead, thus allowing for a tubeless dirt bike tire.

You use the rim tape that Nuetech provides to make sure you completely seal the rim off from the spoke holes.

Make sure you take your time while installing the rim tape as the provide you with enough rim tape to cover the rim with 3 layers.

They provide instruction on the correct way to line the rim with the rim tape.



If you don’t clean the rim or sand the burrs you risk popping the little high pressure inner tube that seals the bead along with the red liner.

This could mean a inner tube failure which you want to avoid.

I haven’t had this problem as I thoroughly inspect and clean the rims before the Tubliss Installation.


  • 100 – 110 PSI in the inner high pressure tube
  • Make sure you check this pressure BEFORE EVERY RIDE
  • Carry an extra inner high pressure tube
  • Note: I have never have popped one of this high pressure inner tubes
  • They only way to pop one is a spoke or burr ripe a hole in one


  • This really depends….
  • I Run 5 PSI in the rear and 5-7 PSI in the front
  • You can run 1-2 PSI
  • You can also run 10+ PSI
  • Using a tire sealant like slime when installing helps with tiny punctures  – http://tublissreview.com/tubliss-install-with-slime/
  • Carry a tire plug kit for the bigger punctures
  • You can ride back to the truck with a flat tire as the inner bladder/red liner will hold the tire on the bead


Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Because you can run Tubliss at such a LOW PRESSURE you really can get amazing traction!!

I like its pretty amazing that I can pick which tire pressure I want to use…..

==> click here to see what tires to use

When you use low pressure in the tire this allows for you to have a MUCH bigger tread contact to the ground.

The other thing you will notice with Tubliss vs Tubes is Tubliss ride is much softer then tubes.

In fact last weekend I switched to a bike that had heavy duty tubes and I couldn’t believe how different it felt. 

The heavy duty tubes made the bike harsher feeling over bumps and rocks. They also make the bike bounce around.

On the rocks and tricky sections the traction was near as good as the bike with Tubliss.

With that being said….the tire pressure is really up to you.

Like I mentioned earlier you need to make sure to ALWAYS run 100-110 PSI in the small inner tube.

But, the Low Pressure chamber you can run whatever you want. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what works best for them.

I would recommend finding what you feel is the sweet spot. Don’t take my word for it.

Go out one ride with the sole purpose of finding out what tire pressure works for you. Stay close to an air pump haha.

Start at 10 PSI in both the rear and front tires of your bike. 

Slowly start letting air out of both the front and the rear until you hit 1 PSI. Then start going back up…..

In fact each tire is going to feel different depending on how stiff the side wall is.

I have been running 5 PSI in the rear and 5-7 in the front for MONTHS with ZERO issues.

I have ran this setup in the mountains, fast speed whoops, Desert, tight rocky sections, and even big jumps….NO PROBLEMS AT ALL….

Some of my riding buddies ride with 7-8 PSI in the front but like I mentioned that could also be because they are running different tires than I.

==> Click here to see my current tire combo

Choosing which tire to use with Tubliss could just mean you pick your favorite tire combo that you are already using.

If fact there are only a few tires out there that won’t work well with Tubliss.

There are some GoldenTyre’s that are made for Mousse bib inserts only. Probably because there is little to no side way structure on the tire….

Hard enduro riders probably use this for the BEST GRIP possible. However, I am nowhere near has good as a Pro rider so I don’t need a setup like that.

Its easier to install then Mousse bibs and I feel it lasts longer as well….(don’t have any real world testing yet to back that up)

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard. Just like installing a new tire on your rim, make sure to have lots a lub and be patient.

I use tire sealant when installing Tubliss instead of soapy water…..Both options work great and haven’t had an issue with either.

In most cases the main thing that comes back to bite you when installing Tubliss is when you are spooning the Tubliss system redliner on or installing the tire/taking it off.

Make sure you are careful and you are NOT GRABBING THE REDLINER with your spoon.

I use 3-4 spoons

The Tubliss inner tube pressure will slowly leak….don’t be alarmed this happens with ANY high pressure small inner tube.

The air slowly leaks through the rubber. In the summer if I don’t ride for a while they usually are around 80 PSI by then.

Sometimes like my current rear Tubliss is always around 100 PSI.

Just make sure to always check it and top it off….

Tubliss Pressure is important to get right with your Dirt bike Tire….

But, the cool part is you can adjust it unlike mousse bibs….

The best mod for your bike is gas and fresh tires. Your bike relies on TRACTION….why not give yourself the most traction possible….

If you have any questions please comment below….





KTM 300 Tubliss

Sick of getting pinched flats in the middle of no where?

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KTM 300 Tubliss

You FINALLY get a weekend to get out to ride your beloved dirt bike. You load up with all your gear and head out in the morning for an epic adventure.

You unload your bike put all your gear on which seems to take forever….out on the trail the bike feels good. 

You have the sun on your bike and a light breeze on your face. You get further and further away from the truck, forgetting about your problems and worries….(one of the reasons we dirtbike)

When out of nowhere you start to feel your front tire doing something weird…..

You think its probably nothing so you press on looking for the next corner….nope its getting worse.

So, you slow down only to quickly glance to see your tire looks low.

Sure enough you can hear air leaking out of the tube….

Your miles from the truck with no tools, no extra tube, or patch to fix the tire….

You trip is now ruined. With no way to fix the flat you are forced to turn back towards the truck early.

With every rock or bump you are worried about trashing your rim….

Having a Flat tire or pinched tire while riding is one of the biggest let downs when riding.

This is the reason we start to carry more and more gear….WHY

To make sure we protect that precious time out dirt bike riding.

Is this your fault?

No, the manufacturers decide to put the lightest duty tube from the factory.

How do you save your rides from disappointing flats?

Nuetech Tubliss System Generation 2.0

===> click here to buy it, you won’t regret it

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

FULL review of the Tubliss System – click here



Kenda Ibex side profile

Best Tire for Tubliss System Gen 2

This article is about which dirt bike tires works best with the Nuetech Tubliss system Generation 2.0

Latest updates at the very bottom

==> Click here to invest in the Kenda Ibex tire

Kenda Ibex with tubliss

There are TONS of different options that you can choose when trying to find the perfect tire for the New Tubliss System you bought for your bike.

==> Click here for a review of Tubliss System Gen 2.0

Keep in mind that Tubliss will work with just about EVERY single dirtbike tire (Some GoldenTyres require a Mouse bib to be installed ).

Fresh tires and good gas are the BEST MODS you can do to your bike.

Lets be real we aren’t Eli Tomac or Graham Garvis. (I witnessed Graham do some pretty incredible stuff on a stock bike)

which means that we really don’t need more power out of our bike.

We need more GRIP…..

Save yourself thousand of dollars by investing in good tires.

I recommend that you try a bunch of different tire combos to find the best option for your riding style and terrain.

Most people run tires WAY to long including me.

Just because there is tread still on the bike doesn’t mean that you will be getting good traction.

So, below are some of the tires I have personally used with the Tubliss System as you I mentioned above you can use it with just about any tire.

(Always take your time when installing Tubliss and check the air pressure of the inner tube EVERY ride)


Which tires to use with TUBLISS

Tubliss tire recommendation below

Motocross Tires with Tubliss

  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

Offroad Tires with Tubliss – Hard Enduro Tires with Tubliss

  • Shinko
  • GoldenTyre
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

Like I mentioned earlier most tires will work with the Tubliss system. This means you can choose the tire of your choice.

Because Tubliss can be run at such a low pressure you will get way better traction and a better ride.

Click here for Tubliss vs Mousse bibs

Dunlop with tubliss

Tubliss with Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 – Click here to SEE PRICE

I personally have used Tubliss with the Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 which is a good tire and works well in most conditions but wears more quickly than a Bridgestone X30/40 or Maxxis Desert IT

  • Personally I would rather use a more “Sticky” tire that has around the same wear time.
  • I have had to plug this tire

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 with tubliss

Tubliss with the Bridgestone Battlecross X30 or X40 – click here to SEE PRICE

This is a solid choose and can take a beating. It really wears and you have to be careful as you will probably keep it on too long because it doesn’t rip or chuck

  • I have had to plug the front tire
  • Can take a beating
  • Tire wears really well

Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT with Tubliss

Tubliss with Maxxis Desert IT – click here to SEE PRICE

Like the Bridgestone X30/X40 the Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT has good a good tread pattern and can take a beating.

  • This tire also wears well.
  • I haven’t had to plug this tire

Sedona MX907 with tubliss

Tubliss with Sedona MX907 – click here to SEE PRICE

This tire probably took the longest to wear down. You can ride this tire FOREVER. It has a unique tread pattern that looks cool but I am not sure if it helped with traction or not.

Sedona has a unique tread pattern

Cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes both in-line and cornering traction

I am not really sure if it performs better than the above tires….but it doesn’t perform as well as the Shinko Cheater or Kenda IBEX.

  • This was the hardest tire to mount and take off…..SUPER stiff side wall.
  • You can ride this tire flat.
  • This tire can take a MAJOR beating
  • I never had to plug this tire.

Tubliss with Kenda IBEX K744 (Sticky tire) – Click here to buy it

This is the latest setup I am running.

==> Click here to see my full review of Kenda Ibex

Because there isn’t a front tire I ran a Bridgestone Battlecross X30 front with the Kenda Ibex tire in the rear. It was a solid tire combo.

I ran 5-7 PSI in the front tire and 5 PSI in the IBEX tire. We hit everything…rock slides, roots, boulders, tree crossings, water, mud, loose dirt, loam, and silt.

  • The Kenda IBEX with tubliss gave me a TON of grip
  • Haven’t had to plug it
  • Wear on the tire is pretty good (I am happy if I can get 20 hours out of a tire)

It was amazing how much grip I had with this tire combo. Compared to other tires I have tried nothing compared to how grippy the Kenda Ibex tire is.

I am sure that it has to do with Tubliss as well but man it was good.

I didn’t have to settle for a trials dirtbike tire which has crazy good grip but isn’t all that good at higher speeds.

These tires like the Kenda IBEX, GoldenTyre, and Shinko Cheater tires are giving you the soft compand with the grip but a harder side wall like a motocross tire.

This makes for and EXCELLENT hard enduro tire.

You don’t see the hard enduro pro’s running a trials tire…..

Trial tires are for trial bikes…..not a motocross/enduro bike.

I personally have a 2017 KTM 300 XC but no matter what bike you ride, if its single track you really need to look into getting one of these tires.

If you are doing nothing but trials type of riding then thats ok but when you are riding single track in the mountains you run into just about everything.

I have ridden in the sand with the Kenda Ibex with tubliss and I didn’t even think about it. 

Which means that it was getting good grip and and doing anything weird.

So far its been my favorite tire but next tire change which is coming up I’m going to go for the new Shinko Cheater 525 tire. One of my buddies really liked it.

Overall, if you ride in the west or the east getting setup with the right tire is crucial.

Tubliss allows any tire to run less PSI, thus really increasing the traction.

When you decide to invest in Tubliss, try running the front and rear at 5 PSI…..

I know it sounds crazy because if you are running tubes you are use to 10-15 pounds.

Remember NO MORE PINCHED flats.

Tubliss on the Shinko Cheater 505 Tire

Shinko with Tubliss


This is Shinko Cheater tire was my very first introduction to the hybrid tires that we are starting to see.

The is a tire that has stiff sidewalls but sticky or gummy knobbies. This allows for better grip gnarly grip situations.

My buddy was running the 505 and mentioned how much he loved it. Its better for the bike enduro or motocross bikes then running a trials tire because of all the different terrain we ride it.

I personally tried the Kenda IBEX before the Shinko but I decided that I need to try out the Shinko 505 and then the Shinko 525 tires before going back to a Kenda IBEX

So, here is my mini review of the Shinko 505 tire with Tubliss…

It flat out ROCKS.

The grip you get from the tire and Tubliss is amazing.

The traction is unreal.

Is it better than the Kenda IBEX?? 

To be honest I don’t know yet.

I have ridden the Shinko 505 in every condition and it performs well in ALL conditions.

  • New Hybrid Hard Enduro / Extreme single track trail tire finds traction in the most extreme conditions
  • Best of both worlds, soft sticky rubber compound like the Trail Pro trials tire in a knobby tread pattern to work in a wider variety of soil conditions
  • Where a Trials tire falls short in braking and lose soil conditions, the 505 Cheater bridges that gap to make it the Ultimate Hybrid off-road tire
  • It is Almost like cheating
  • Adds confidence even in the most demanding terrain

In my opinion these new types of tires are a must have for those who ride hard enduro and varying conditions….


I highly recommend the Kenda IBEX with Tubliss, it’s been quite the eye opener

7/23/18 UPDATE

Quick update. I have been riding on the Shinko 505 cheater tire for a couple of months and here are my initial thoughts.

The Shinko 505 Cheater is a SOLID tire. I think it wears a bit better then the Kenda IBEX. 

The Shinko offers a TON of great and can handle lots of abuse.

I like the tread pattern better on the Kenda IBEX vs the Shinko 505

However, Shinko has now released a 525 Cheater tire that is similar tread to the IBEX.

Originally when I first did this review the Shinko 505 was MUCH cheaper..so it was a better buy then the IBEX.

This is NO longer the case as the Kenda IBEX has dropped in price and is much more competitive.

Right now I would choose the Kenda IBEX over the Shinko 505 Cheater tire.

The reason…..The tread on the Kenda is more of what I like.

However, Next time around I am going to test the Shinko 525 and pit it against the Kenda IBEX because the tread pattern are more alike.

9/24/2018 update

I am currently still running the stock tires on my 2018 KTM 250 XC (Dunlop GEOMAX AT81)

They are starting to chunk and wear out….time to get new tires for the ole girl.

I have an extra Kenda IBEX in the shop I am going to through on the rear. Not sure which front I am going to use….I might just keep the stock Dunlop on there this time around.

That all depends on how well its holding up….I will keep you updated.



Kenda ibex tire with Tubliss

This is a review of the Kenda Ibex tire with the Tubliss gen 2.0 system.

Kenda Ibex Tubliss

This setup is what I am currently running on my bike and its been the VERY BEST tire tubliss combo yet….Tubliss with Kenda Ibex tire

==> want to skip my review and invest in Kenda IBEX – click here

Just to give you a little background on the Kenda Ibex Super Sticky SRT00679 tire.

If you are a serious offroad riding you know one thing for sure….That the dirt and terrain will always be changing.

Just like this last weekends ride, we had everything from

  • Sand
  • Deep sand
  • Snow
  • Mud
  • Rocks
  • LOTS of rocks
  • Small pebbles
  • Loam
  • Roots
  • Loose rocks
  • Hard pack
  • Solid rock (slick rock…ride in Moab…worked excellent)
  • Water

All on the same ride…..so we have established that Tubliss is a must have for any serious offroad dirt biker

==> click here to see review of the Tubliss Gen 2.0 system

Kenda Ibex side profile

So how do you find the perfect Tire that will allow for good grip in EVERY situation…well there is no such thing as a perfect tire.

However, that hasn’t stopped tire manufactures from trying……I hope they don’t stop

A trial tire will struggle in the really loose dirt or sand where a standard tire struggles to get grip on rocks.

Only if there is something in the middle, that has knobbies like a standard motocross tire but has a flexible knobby compound for more grip on rocks and hard pack.

Well we are in luck along with the Kenda Ibex super sticky tire, Shinko Cheater tire 505 and the Shinko 525 Tire (The 525 Hybrid tire is new)

This review is about the Kenda Ibex but the Shinko tires are good and you can click here to check them out

The Kenda Ibex was designed for Endurocross and Extreme Enduro racing.

Here is what you get with the Kenda Ibex

  • Super sticky compound for ultimate grip no matter the conditions
  • Knobbies like motocross tires that grip and clean out
  • Flexible soft compound with the tread to be extremely grippy
  • Come in 120/100 – 18 and 110/100 – 18 sizes (Rear only)

I mounted this tire in preparation of a 4 day riding trip in the mountains of Idaho (Normally run Bridgestone X30 or X40s what are really good tires and wear really well)

Kenda Ibex

This tire was a game changer for me…..It has some serious grip and its a perfect match with tubliss.


Tubliss with the Ibex Tire

  • Tubliss you can run at a low PSI
  • This allows for even MORE GRIP
  • Really plush tire
  • Grip and traction EVERYWHERE…I had to say it again

I really thing the combination of a soft sticky tire with the Tubliss system is the perfect match for tackling all the different terrain that single track riders run into.

How does the the Kenda Ibex tire hold up?

Well after the 4 day trip……no rips or chunks. I probably have around 15-20 hours which is pretty good considering we hammer tires. Its about time to replace it but being a “sticky” tire thats pretty good.

They are starting to tear and chuck a little bit but most guys would look at my tire and say that it has plenty of life in it.

But, just because the knobbies are still there I believe the VERY best mod you can do your bike is fresh tires.

The tire does wear faster then a Bridgestone X30/40, Maxxis Desert IT, and a Sedona MX907

In my opinion the price of the Kenda Ibex is the only downside…however its coming down in price and you know can get it in a 110/110/18

==> Click here to see price

The Shinko Cheater 505 and Shinko Cheater 525 are both cheaper options (Will be doing a Kenda Ibex vs Shinki Cheater 505)

==> Click here to see price

The 525 is a newer tire so its a bit harder to find.

Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater tire

A couple of my riding buddies have spend the last couple of years and on the Cheater 505 and really liked it until they tried the Cheater 525 which has the same tread pattern as the Kenda Ibex.

When I get the chance I will be trying the cheater 525 when its time to replace the Kenda Ibex.

So, the final conclusion is any serious single track rider should invest in the Kenda IBEX sticky tire or, if you want a cheaper option go with the Cheater 525

Just like the GoldenTyre sticky tires the Kenda Ibex is expensive but a really impressive tire that really does well in most conditions and REALLY excels with traction is scarce.


Not all of GoldenTyre’s work with the tubliss system which means the probably don’t have stiff enough sidewalls to hold the bead on. They recommend using mousse bibs.

Here is the list of the cheapest to most expensive sticky tires

Do I recommend buying the Kenda Ibex Tire?

Yes….buy it.

6/21/2018 update on the Kenda Ibex tire with Tubliss

I sold the bike that I had the Kenda Ibex tire on. I think it had almost 30+ hours on it but I can’t remember.

The bike I bought to replace the 2017 KTM 300 XC had a new Shinko Cheater 505 tire on it.

I now have 20+ hours on it and will be doing an indepth review of it.

So look for a Shinko Cheater 505 Tire vs the Kenda Ibex Tire with Tubliss coming soon. 

Tubliss with Shinko 525 Cheater

Top 3 Dirtbike Tube replacement options


Mousse vs Tubliss

Tubliss, Dual chamber, Dirtbike, Offroad, Tires, Tubliss, No tubs

Which is better Tubliss or Mousse bibs?

For a long time the Dirtbike industry only had 2 options. Tubes or Mousse bibs.

Don’t know what Mousse bib is – Click here to find out

The average Joe dirtbike enduro rider would have to settle for Heavy Duty Tubes because Mousse bibs are expensive, heavy, and suck to install.

==> click here for Tubliss full review

Heavy Duty Tubes was the cheapest and best bet for avoiding pinched flats

Honestly Heavy Duty Tubes (link this)are still your cheapest option to avoid pinched flats but its doesn’t eliminate them.

So, why would you choose Mousse bibs over Tubliss?

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

Pros of Mousse Bibs

  • No pinched flats ever
  • No flats ever
  • More traction vs a standard tube and maybe a little over Tubliss
  • You can destroy your rim and the bib keeps the bead on the tire
  • Can take some MAJOR abuse
  • Don’t ever have to check air pressure
  • Softens blow of hits on objects like rocks or trees
  • Don’t have to carry extra gear like pump, or plugs

Cons of Mouse Bibs

  • Expensive
  • Hard to install
  • Heavy
  • Have a break in period. (Tubliss might have fixed this – check this out)
  • Harder to install
  • Break down and need to be replaced
  • have a “dead feel”
  • Stuck at 10-13 PSI
  • Need to make sure you are consistently adding lubrication

Tubliss over Mousse Bibs

Tubliss vs Mousse

Pros of Tubliss

  • No pinched flats
  • Flat tires are easy to fix with a plug
  • install in’t that hard
  • Lasts longer than Mousse
  • Change the PSI of the tire
  • Cheaper than Mousse Bibs

Cons of Tubliss vs Mousse Bib

  • Not completely bullet proof
  • HAVE to check the air pressure every ride for the inner bladder pressure
  • Expensive
  • Only comes in 18″, 19″, and 21″ sizes
  • Have to carry plugs and a pump
  • You can’t completely destroy the rim and expect it to still work

If you are racing every weekend and its critical that you have a bullet proof system then go with Mouse bibs.

If you are a hardcore weekend warrior that loves to abuse the tires then Tubliss will work great for you.

A pro racer really is the only that “needs” Mousse bibs as their lively hood depends on finishing races.

You only have a couple of choices when it come to Mousse bibs

Michelin Bib Mousse ==> Click here to check it out

Mousse vs Tubliss

Goldentyre G-Mousse X or the Goldentyre G- Mousse ==> check it out 

Nuetech Nitro Mousse ==> Check it out here

Nuetech Nitro Mousse

Top 3 Dirtbike Tube replacement options