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Motocross Enduro

husqvarna motocross

Have you ever wondered what the Difference between motocross and enduro?


Motocross Enduro

First things first….no matter what type of riding you do their are specific bikes that for specific reasons.

The bike in the above picture is a Motocross bike.

Motocross bikes typically have stiffer suspension and higher gearing.

Enduro bikes typically have softer suspension and lower gearing.

Motocross enduro isn’t really a thing however they have races like the GNCC that combines motocross jumps with enduro as well.

Motocross bikes for years have been converted into hard enduro slaying machines….WHY?

For years all the “Enduro bikes” where just soft trail bikes not full fledge race beasts….

Think Honda XR or CRFX…Yamaha WR as well.

If you wanted to take one of these Trail bikes and make them into a hard charging Enduro racing Machine you would need to do the following….

  • Ignition mapping
  • Full Exhaust system
  • Figure how to make it lighter…if possible
  • Get rid of emission green sticker crap…Thanks Cali
  • Remove Throttle stop
  • Upgrade the Suspension
  • High compression piston
  • Skid plate if it didn’t come with the bike…most didn’t back then
  • Hand guards if it didn’t come with the bike
  • Rear Disk Guard

It was cheaper to take a Motocross bike and turn it into an Enduro bike

You would take a YZ450F which was built for Motocross build it for Enduro

Here is what you would have to add to a motocross bike.

  • Softer suspension
  • Different gearing
  • 18 inch rear wheel
  • Larger gas tank
  • hand guards
  • Skid plate
  • rear disk guard
  • Tubliss or Mousse bibs

So back then you had a choice..

Motocross or Enduro

This all changed when KTM decided it would make a FULL fledge offroad enduro bike.

KTM decided that they would take their motocross platform and build a XC model that was somewhere between their EXC/XCW and the SX models.

This brought the world a do it all bike….These XC models are only sold here in the states.


That’s because people in the past where taking Motocross bikes and trying to turn them into Enduro bikes.

The great thing is most of the Manufactures have followed suit.

CRF with Tubliss

Honda now has the

  • CRF450RX
  • CRF250RX

Yamaha Tubliss

Yamaha now has the

  • YZ450FX
  • YZ250FX
  • YZ250X


  • 200XC
  • 250xc
  • 300XC


  • 125 SC
  • 250SC
  • 250SCF
  • 300 SC
  • 300SCF
  • 450SCF
  • 500SCF


  • 250xc
  • 300xc
  • 250xcf
  • 350xcf
  • 450xcf

and Beta just has enduro race bikes not these hybrid bikes.

KTM, BETA, Sherco, and GasGas make full fledge HARD ENDURO race bikes…

These bikes are designed for the gnarly. 

  • Softer suspension
  • E-Start
  • KTM has PDS rear shock for more clearance
  • E-Start
  • Gearing for hard enduro

Here is a picture of a Enduro Race dirtbike

Beta RR Racing 2 stroke-right side-LR

Riding a enduro bike on a motocross track is harder to do as the suspension can’t really handle the huge jumps, and whoops Motocross Enduro

That doesn’t mean that it cannot be done…it just means that its not all that great. Now some dirt bike manufacturers make a hybrid….a bike that might be able to do motocross and enduro.

The Yamaha YZ250X or the KTM300XC are examples of 2 stroke bikes that are more closely related to Motocross and enduro.

However these bikes can ride on a motocross track and then head out on a gnarly single track trail….

Are this type of bikes better than a true hard enduro bike on gnarly single track?

No….however they are WAY better out in the desert and on a Motocross track.

Motocross Enduro has turned into an entire MARKET….

You can ride these hybrid bikes just about anywhere and they really are the do it all bike….

If you told me I can only have one bike….(Who only wants one bike?)

I would get one of these bikes because you can really ride it EVERYWHERE.

Is it as good as a Motocross bike on the track…NO

Is it as good as a XCW in hard Enduro….NO

But can it do all of the above YES. and it can do it well enough for my abilities. 


Leave us a comment if you have any questions about Dirtbikes.

How long does Tubliss last

Tubliss review 2018 – This is a review of the TUbliss 2.0 Gen system




Tubliss on a Yamaha

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Yamaha Tubliss

Ever wondered if you could get Tubliss for your Yamaha dirt bike?

The answer is yes…..

Will Tubliss fit on ANY Yamaha dirt bike?

The answer is no…

However, Tubliss isn’t brand specific, rather its rim size specific.

==> Click here for full review of the Tubliss system

There is a limit to which size of rim that Tubliss currently fits on…and it comes in 3 different sizes for now.

Tubliss tire sizes

  • 21 Inch
  • 19 inch
  • 18 inch

So, if you have any Yamaha dirt bike with a 21″ front rim you can put tubliss on your front tire.

List of Yamaha bikes that require a 21″ and 19″ rim Tubliss 

  • YZ450F
  • YZ250F
  • YZ250
  • YZ125

List of Yamaha bikes that require a 21″ and 18″ rim Tubliss system

  • YZ450FX
  • YZ250FX
  • YZ250X
  • WR450
  • WR250

Tubliss System will work great for any Yamaha dirt bike, in fact I highly recommend using Tubliss if you ride offroad or enduro.

Click here to go to Yamaha’s website

One of my riding buddies who destroys rims and swears by Tubliss on his 2017 Yamaha 250X. 

He has been using Tubliss for years. Everytime he gets a new bike the first thing he does is put Tubliss on his bike.

I spent a around 6 hours on this Yamaha YZ250x riding it fast desert with big whoops and loose conditions.  Even with running the tires at a lower then normal PSI, I never felt uncomfortable going fast.

As many of you know, Yamaha makes some of the best performing off the self front forks.

Adding Tubliss with the KYB SSS forks just made it perform even better.

In fact when comparing a 2017 KTM 250/300xc with the AER air fork to the Yamaha YZ250x, the Yamaha would do a better job in the high speed whoops.

I would feel more planted and safer but with solid rebound and compression.

Using Tubliss will help you eliminate flats, and provide you with better traction.

This will allow you to stay out riding for much longer and climb up that gnarly rock section that everyone else is struggling with.

Tubliss is a must have upgrade to your Yamaha.

==> Click here to get your Tubiss now

While Tubliss will not fit on ANY Yamaha dirt bike it will fit on the major YZ and WR bikes.

*** As always please comment below letting me know what bike your ride and if you have any questions.