Tubeless dirt bike tire system

Tubeless tires

This article is for those looking for a Tubeless dirt bike tire system for their bike.

I always tell people the best mods for your bike is new tires and gas….

Traction on your dirt bike is really the most important piece to your dirt bike setup.

However, underneath that dirt bike tire is a tube. All dirt bikes come with a tube from the factory. Most times this tube isn’t thick enough for serious offroad dirt biking.

I have had a brand new bike and within the first hour riding I got a pinched flat on the stock tube.

We Typically are riding miles from the truck and getting a pinched flat or any flat with a tube is frankly pretty shitty.

So, if you are like me and are sick of getting pinched flats on your tubes…

You are probably asking what are my options?

Here are your three dirt bike tire tubeless or tube options 

  1. Replace the stock dirtbike tubes with Heavy Duty Tubes (Still can get pinched flats or punctures).  Tubes are the cheapest option but you are required to carry tubes and tools to change them.
  2. Tubliss Gen 2 System. This system ditches the tube and has a inner bladder/liner to seal the bead. This system eliminates pinched flats and can be ridden flat, as the Tubliss will hold the bead. Tubliss requires you to make sure your inner bladder tube pressure is 110 psi before each ride. You also can carry tire plugs to plug any punctures
  3. Mousse bibs is the most bullet proof system. No pinched flats or punctures. Bibs are harder to install then Tubliss or Tubes, and like Tubliss they are more expensive.

==> See Mousse bibs vs Tubliss review

Which dirt bike tubeless system is for you?

Well that all depends. I personally use the Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 System on all of my bikes. – Click here for Tubliss review

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

For years all of my friends have been using Tubliss as well. We haven’t had ANY issues with it. In fact we have been really pleased with how much abuse the Tubliss system can take.

I recommend that you invest in Tubliss – Click here

You can also run VERY LITTLE tire pressure which gives you WAY more traction. We no longer worry about slamming a sharp edged rock.

The Key with Tubliss is making sure you install it correctly

==> Tubliss installation with Slime – click here

My next recommendation for the hardcore dirt bike offroader would be Mousse bibs

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

They are pretty much bullet proof and can take major abuse. The pros use Mousse bibs for this very reason.

You never have to check air pressure but some Mousse Bibs give you a dead feeling that feels weird if you aren’t use to it.

Mousse bibs is compared to a tube running 13 PSI in their tires.

If you would like to invest in Mousse bibs – click here

Lastly if you aren’t ready to ditch tubes on your dirt bike you should at least put in some Heavy Duty tubes.

dirt bike tube

They can take more abuse then your stock tubes and last longer. You still run a risk of pinched flats and punctures its just a smaller risk.

HD Tubes are also heavier but honestly I don’t really think that matters. 

==> Invest in Heavy Tubes here

Pros of Tubes

  • Cheapest option versus Tubliss and Mousse bibs
  • Control air pressure (Mousse bibs you can’t but Tubliss you can
  • You can carry a spare
  • You be patched
  • Easy to install

Cons of Tubes

  • Pinched Flats
  • Punctures
  • Rocky sections require you to have higher PSI in tires (Makes for a harsher ride)
  • Have to carry extra tubes
  • Have to carry tire spoons

So if you would like to get rid of tubes and make your dirt bike tubless, you will need to switch to the Tubliss system or Mousse bibs.

The stock tubes are NOT good enough for hard offroad riding.

If Motocross is the only thing you ride you can get away with the stock tubes as you really aren’t that far from the truck.

It’s a shame that all offroad bikes don’t come with Heavy Duty tubes from the factory. This would at least give you a fighting chance.

Every time I get a new bike before I ride it, I put Tubliss on it.

Crazy I know, but I have gotten flats the VERY first ride on a new bike and I don’t want it to happen again.

Also, Tubliss has way better grip and is softer then riding with 13-15 PSI in your tires.

Some, guys will say that 15 PSI is way to much air and they run way less and never get pinched flats….well I don’t have the same lucky rabbit foot they do.

I would rather not ruin a ride and have to carry a ton of tools and extra gear to fix a flat tire.

Tubliss really is the way to go. Once you get the hang of installing it (Which really isn’t all that bad) you will be able to swap tires easily.

The only real reason to get Mousse bibs is if you race and HAVE to finish a race. Tubliss offers more traction and is more plush.

Most mousse bibs feel like having 13 pounds of air in your tires. They do break in after a while which will allow for better traction but will still have that dead feeling.

It depends on the terrain that I am riding in but I have run 5 PSI in the front tire and rear tire with Tubliss on REALLY gnarly rocky terrain with no problem.

Kenda Ibex Tubliss

This allows for tons of traction and a better ride. My last tire was the Kenda Ibex tireclick here to see it

Which is a super sticky tire with stiff side walls. This setup worked amazing with Tubliss. I highly recommend it.

Click here for my full review – 



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