Tubliss 17 inch

So, I get asked all the time if Neutech Tubliss makes other Tubliss sizes other than then 

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Current Tubliss Sizes

  • 21 In Tubliss
  • 19 In Tubliss
  • 18 In Tubliss

how tubliss works

I have been asked if a Tubliss 17 inch is ever going to be made and to be honest I don’t know.

The reason that Nuetech has decided to make Tubliss in the sizes that they do is pretty obvious.

They want to make the most money which means they need to make product for the most popular rims sizes in the dirt bike market.

The 21 in front and 18 in rear is probably their best sellers. 


21 in rim is the front tire for almost all of the big bikes 125-500 CC +

The 19 in is for Motocross bikes.

Most people that are using Tubliss are enduro offroaders and those offroad dirt bikes have a 18 in rim.

You can use Tubliss for your motocross bike and it works great….it just seems to be more popular with the offroad single track crew.

Do I think Nuetech will ever make a 17″ Tubliss?


If they sell enough of the 21,18, and 19 in Tubliss then there is a good chance they will venture into other sizes as well.

But for now they unfortunately don’t make a 17 in Tubliss.

If you are interested in Tubliss or have any questions please leave your message in the comments below.

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  1. I’m interested in fitting these, but only if they do a 17” rear to go with my 19” front ! Alternately I have to find tubless rims & have my wheels rebuilt.

  2. Yeah, Tubliss only makes a 18″ rear and a 19″ rear system. The front is a 21″.

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