Tubliss 18″ System

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If you have ever wondered which sizes Tubliss comes with?

Yes? This article is for you.

Nuetech Tubliss didn’t just randomly choose the size of Tubliss, in fact the reason for the sizes are defined by the rim size that comes from the Dirt bike factories.

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There are only 3 sizes that are available to us.

  • Tubliss 18″ rear tire
  • Tubliss 19″ rear tire
  • Tubliss 21″ Front tire

Those Tubliss sizes are defined by which terrain you are going to be riding your dirt bike in.


  • For the front tire you have the Tubliss 21″
  • For the rear tire you have Tubliss 19″

Offroad or Enduro

  • 21″ Tubliss for the front tire
  • 18″ Tubliss for the rear tire

The only difference between the motocross version and the enduro version is the rear tires.

I haven’t heard if Nuetech Tubliss plans on building different sizes for tubliss. Right now there isn’t Tubliss available for mini bikes and so one. Tubliss 17″ does not exist

If you would like to invest in Tubliss get your set below




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