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This article is for those who are looking to buy Tubliss for their dirt bike

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Years ago when I was first introduced to the Tubliss Gen 1.0 system I was a bit unsure that it would work that well.

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It was brand new and not very many people had used Tubliss let alone would buy it.

Luckily I had a friend that bought it and HIGHLY recommend it. 

I have been using it on everyone of my dirtbikes since then.

Well rumor is that Tubliss was in development and they let a magazine editor try it out and they really liked it.

From then on Tubliss has been steadily gaining traction from there.

Where can you buy Tubliss?

I recommend buying Tubliss from Amazon. You can return it for whatever reason and they usually offer the best pricing.

Who is Tubliss for?

Honestly I think its for everyone that rides a dirtbike.

Tubliss allows for MUCH better traction and gets rid of pinched flats. If you just riding motocross tracks and really don’t go far from the truck, you then could get away with just using tubes.

However, if you ride single track or desert then I recommend the Tubliss system

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Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

You can invest in Mousse bibs as well and they are the most bullet proof system you can purchase.

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There are upsides and downsides with both Tubliss and Mousse bibs. Make sure you read my Mousse verses Tubliss.

Other places to buy Tubliss

You can also buy Tubliss from Rocky Mountain ATV, they provide good service and pricing as well.

Please leave a comment or reach out to me if you have any questions.

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