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So you are hear wondering what the difference between Tubliss Gen 1 and Tubliss Gen 2…..stick around as we go into details about the changes


When Nuetech first created the Tubliss system for dirtbikes they named their first generation Tubliss system Nuetech Tubliss 1.0

In fact rumor is that the founder of Tubliss wasn’t ready to release Tubliss Gen 1 to the public and asked one of his buddies to at a major dirtbike magazine to try it out.

This buddy liked it so much that he released an article about the Tubliss Gen 1.

This Kickstarted Tubliss almost overnight.

Luckily for us Tubliss gen 1 was really good but Nuetech decided it could be better

Introducting Tubliss GEN 2.0

I am not entirely sure what the changes are but I heard the Gen 1 to Gen 2 are the following

how tubliss works

Tubliss Gen 2

  • Better stronger inner air bladder/tube
  • Bigger and stronger red outer liner
  • Better installation instructions and tool
  • More rim tape to really keep things air tight and protected

It seems like those changes aren’t really all that much but I have YET to have a failure with TUbliss Gen 2

Yes, I get punctures to the outer tire from time to time but they are easily plugged with tire plugs.

Pump up the tire and I am back on the trail.

BAM…it really is that simple.

Can the TUbliss Gen 2 fail?

Yes it can. Most failures come from improper installation of the Gen 2 Tubliss system.

When Installing TUbliss you really have to make sure that you don’t DAMAGE the outer Red Liner or the inner bladder.


Also, whenever you replace on old tire with TUBliss gen 2 make sure that you inspect the redliner for any damage.

The other failure is not checking your air pressure before EVERY ride.

I get excited when I go riding….if you are like me you sometimes forget to do a pre check before your ride.

You cannot skip this. You need to make sure that the inner air pressure is 100 PSI.


How to avoid Failure on the Nuetech TUbliss Gen 2

  • Don’t damage Red Liner when Installing TUbliss
  • Check air pressure for inner bladder before EVERY RIDE (100 PSI)
  • Don’t damage the inner tube during installation
  • Make sure to use LOTS of soapy water to set the bead
  • Use LOTS of tire lube when mounting the tire
  • Take small bits with your tire iron
  • Inspect for Red liner damage during tire changes

If you do this you probably won’t experience and tire failures.

My riding buddies who run TUbliss gen 2 haven’t either.

All in all the Gen 2 Tubliss system is one of the best tire systems on the market.

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