Tubliss in the mud

KTM 300 Tubliss

This is a review of Tubliss in the mud.


One of the MAJOR advantages of using Tubliss over heavy duty inner tubes on your dirt bike is the ability to run your air pressure at a MUCH lower PSI.

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Tubliss is a system that allows you to completely eliminate pinched flats.

Most people don’t realize that having the ability to run your tire pressure at a low pressure gives you WAY more traction.

So, how does Tubliss perform in the Mud?

I pretty much always no matter what the conditions are run Tubliss between 5-7 PSI.

For the mud I will run 5 PSI.

This allows your tire to have a bigger patch of your tire in contact with the ground. This allows more of the knobbies to impact the much giving you so much grip then a tire with a standard tube.

In mud traction and lots of it is really needed.

I have ridden Tubliss in EVERY condition including snow and Ice.

It’s MUCH MUCH better than standard tubes for the above mentioned reasons.

When hitting mud the lower air pressure allows you to get the grip you need to keep your forward motion.

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If you ride mud a lot I would highly recommend that you invest in Tubliss. 

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