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If you plan on using Slime or some sort of tire sealant it is important to remember NOT to use soapy water when installing the tire.

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Here is the list of things you will need when installing Tubliss with Slime or tire sealant.

  • New or old tire (I always recommend putting on a new tire)
  • Drill bit – 11 mm or 7/16″
  • Fine grit Sandpaper – (this is for sanding any burrs, rubber, or dirt off the rim)
  • 3 tire spoons
  • ArmorAll – (This really helps with the install of the red liner)
  • Valve core remover
  • Tire Sealant or Slime (I personally use Stans)
  • Brush for the tire Sealant
  • High pressure pump (110 psi)
  • High pressure air gauge

Make sure that you really clean the rim of all burrs, dirt, grime, and rubber.

Having a clean rim will really help with the sealing of the tire bead and how long the Tubliss system will last.

I spend a lot of time making sure the rim is really clean.

Tubliss does now provide you with enough rim tape to make sure you have a really good clean surface for the inner bladder tube to sit against.

However, watch out for the rim burrs. Nothing sucks more than taking the time to mount the Tubliss system to only find out that it won’t hold air.

The only real difference when installing Tubliss with Slime is when you have already mounted the Tubliss red liner and are read to start putting the tire on.

Tubliss slime


Before you install the tire, take a brush and rub or spread a layer of slime or tire sealant all over the red liner. You can be generous with the slime as you are using it for lubrication and also to help seal the bead of the tire.

The other advantage of using slime is to help fill any small punctures you get in your tire.

Overall putting Slime or Tire Sealant in makes me feel better.

I am not sure if it really has an advantage or not but here are some pros and cons to think about.

Pros of Slime with Tubliss System

  • keeps Tubliss red liner lubricated
  • Keeps the tire lubricated
  • Seals small punctures
  • Keeps the bead air tight
  • Helps seal larger punctures

Cons of using Slime with Tubliss System

  • One more thing to think about when installing Tubliss
  • Messy Slime when installing Tubliss (Soapy water is easy to clean up)
  • More expensive then using Soapy water
  • When replacing tires its really messy

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I recently just spent the weekend in Moab UT smashing rocks and the Tubliss held up flawlessly.

Our entire crew was running Tubliss and none of us had problems. Those running tubes not so much.

There were a few people who had to ride back to the truck on a flat tube and tire. Not fun.

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8/27/2018 Update on Slime with Tubliss 2.0 System.

Quick update for everyone. Its been interesting to see that the sealant/Slime typically only lasts a couple of months before it drys up.

Its worth noting that you probably should add a little Slime/STAN’s every once in a while to help with the small little punctures.

I haven’t really noticed it helping or making a different with tiny punctures….probably because it was doing its job.

Last week we had a puncture what was in a trick spot… we had tore a hold in the sidewall of the tire in the notch of the knobby.

I really think have slime in the tire helps when plugging the tire. Especially when its a tough hole to plug.

I will keep adding to this post as new information comes up. So, far I still prefer to use Slime instead of soapy water.

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