Tubliss Install

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This article is about installing Tubliss onto your dirt bike

Tubliss Install

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard it’s very similiar to installing a tire.

Tubliss is a great addition to your dirt bike and I highly recommend it.

In fact, I put Tubliss on EVERY BIKE. In most cases its the very first thing I do.

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Last weekend while out riding my buddy and I where out riding in the desert with a mixture of snow rocks, whoops, mud and sand.

We went up over a pass and road down a huge mountain side and when we got to the bottom I noticed my buddy had a flat tire on his rear tire….

There was a tear in the side wall of the tire and he had NO IDEA that he had a flat tire.

Tubliss held the bead of the tire on the rim.

How did we fix it?

We ended up putting in 2 plugs and probably took a total of 10 minutes…..

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Alright, now that you are ready with your Tubliss Install here is how its done.


Tubliss Install instructions

Here is how you install the Tubliss System Gen 2 onto your dirt bike rims.

Tubliss rim prep

  • Remove your tire off the rim
  • Remove the old tube
  • Clean the inside of the rim of any dirt or rocks (You should do this even if you are running tubes)
  • Drill the hole for the extra stem valve – see above instructions link
  • Really clean the rim and rim tape area (This is really important)
  • Make sure to sand any rim spurs or dings in the rim tape area
  • Apply the rim tap – They now give you enough to wrap the rim 3 times.

Know that you have done all the prep work its time to now install the Tubliss system on the rim.

Tubliss install on the rim

Lets start the Tubliss Install

  • Remove bladder and bladder core valve from red liner
  • Line up rim lock with 11 mm hole and center the red liner on the rim
  • Align bladder valve stem with 8 mm hole and then insert it back into the red liner
  • Take the rim lock stem, insert it into the hole and tighten with fingers…just needs to be snug
  • Insert bladder stem into hole but do not tighten the bolt just put it half way on

Spooning the Tubliss Redliner on the rim

  • Start spooning at the rim lock
  • Go around the rim towards the bladder stem
  • GO GENTLY take your time and do not DAMAGE the red liner
  • Feel free to keep applying armor all
  • Push the redliner into the center of the rim

Install the Tubliss into the tire

  • Put the hang glide plate that is provided into the tire – grey piece
  • With the tire upright and the grey glide piece facing you slide the rim lock into the bottom of the tire
  • Keep down force on the rim so it just doesn’t pop out of the tire
  • Spoon the tire onto the rim

Tubliss tire mount

  • Start spooning opposite of the rim lock (I use 3 spoons)
  • Make sure to push the tire down into the center of the rim with your hand – This will allow the tire go on much better
  • Finish spooning next to the rim lock
  • Flip the tire and repeat above steps
  • note: You can use lube here as well to get the tire on

Tubliss Lubrication 

  • You need soapy water but if you are installing with slime – click here
  • Start next to the rim lock and use a spoon to press down on the tire to allow for soapy water to enter the tire/bead
  • Go around the entire tire – Don’t be afraid of using too much soapy water
  • Flip the tire around and repeat above steps
  • Once completed take the tire and bounce the tire on the ground and spin it while doing so

Tubliss inflation 

  • Insert valve cores
  • Fill up inner bladder to 120 PSI – Soapy water will help seal the bead
  • Fill up tire pressure to whatever you want. I usually put like 15 PSI and then take it down to 5-7 before I ride.
  • Put stem caps on and with the inner bladder nut DO NOT TIGHTEN IT AGAINST THE RIM.
  • Instead tighten the inner bladder stem nut up to the red stem cap
  • Tighten rim lock nut to 9 lbs

All done. The more you install Tubliss the faster and easier it will be

It really works and click here to see what others are saying about it

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard it’s very similiar to installing a tire.

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