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Wondering if you can use Tubliss on the road you will want to stick around and read on

I get asked from time to time if you can use Tubliss on road with a DOT dirt bike tire…….

You should NOT USE TUBLISS for long distance road travel

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First off Tubliss was built for the dirt not the road and they do not recommend using it on the road.

  • Tubliss will work with a DOT dirt bike tire
  • You can ride on Pavement with your Tubliss and dirt bike tire
  • NOT RECOMMEND to ride long distances.
  • I have personally was forced to ride the pavement with Tubliss for an hour…didn’t explode

Will it work on the road, yes but like I mentioned its probably not worth risking.

Tubliss has a red liner with a 100 PSI inner tube that seals the bead to the rim which allows you to run your tire at a lower pressure for optimal traction.

Bib-Mousse vs Tubliss

Mousse on road

I wouldn’t recommend using Mousse for long periods of time on road as well.

Road travel creates a ton of heat which will break down the Mousse and Tubliss.

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Mousse like Tubliss was build for offroad use only. 

While both systems can take some major abuse in the dirt, try to stay off the pavement.

Can you ride Mousse on the road?

Yes, you can but keep you speeds down and be careful.

Alright, so you are probably wondering what you can run on your dual sport bike….

My recommendation is to always run a DOT approved tires  with heavy duty tubes

Options for tubless dirt bike DOT tires really doesn’t exist.

You will need to stick to tubes which means you will need to carry extra tubes instead of plugs.

DOT flat tire Kit

  • Carry extra tubes front and rear tires
  • If you don’t want to carry tubes you can carry patches
  • Spoons to remove the bead of the tire
  • Hand Pump

Please comment below letting me know what setup you are running and how its working for you

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