Tubliss pressure

Tubliss pressure

Getting the right Tubliss pressure is really important when using Tubliss with your dirtbike.

I get this question all the time from people….

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What tire pressure are you running with Tubliss?

Lets back up a little to first talk about how Tubliss works.

Tubliss 2.0 system works by sealing the bead of the tire to the rim.

There is a small high pressure inner tube surrounded by a red liner. 

Tubliss mentions two different pressure chambers. As you can see in the image below

Tubliss red liner

This combo along with rim tape, will hold the tire on the bead, thus allowing for a tubeless dirt bike tire.

You use the rim tape that Nuetech provides to make sure you completely seal the rim off from the spoke holes.

Make sure you take your time while installing the rim tape as the provide you with enough rim tape to cover the rim with 3 layers.

They provide instruction on the correct way to line the rim with the rim tape.



If you don’t clean the rim or sand the burrs you risk popping the little high pressure inner tube that seals the bead along with the red liner.

This could mean a inner tube failure which you want to avoid.

I haven’t had this problem as I thoroughly inspect and clean the rims before the Tubliss Installation.


  • 100 – 110 PSI in the inner high pressure tube
  • Make sure you check this pressure BEFORE EVERY RIDE
  • Carry an extra inner high pressure tube
  • Note: I have never have popped one of this high pressure inner tubes
  • They only way to pop one is a spoke or burr ripe a hole in one


  • This really depends….
  • I Run 5 PSI in the rear and 5-7 PSI in the front
  • You can run 1-2 PSI
  • You can also run 10+ PSI
  • Using a tire sealant like slime when installing helps with tiny punctures  – http://tublissreview.com/tubliss-install-with-slime/
  • Carry a tire plug kit for the bigger punctures
  • You can ride back to the truck with a flat tire as the inner bladder/red liner will hold the tire on the bead


Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

Because you can run Tubliss at such a LOW PRESSURE you really can get amazing traction!!

I like its pretty amazing that I can pick which tire pressure I want to use…..

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When you use low pressure in the tire this allows for you to have a MUCH bigger tread contact to the ground.

The other thing you will notice with Tubliss vs Tubes is Tubliss ride is much softer then tubes.

In fact last weekend I switched to a bike that had heavy duty tubes and I couldn’t believe how different it felt. 

The heavy duty tubes made the bike harsher feeling over bumps and rocks. They also make the bike bounce around.

On the rocks and tricky sections the traction was near as good as the bike with Tubliss.

With that being said….the tire pressure is really up to you.

Like I mentioned earlier you need to make sure to ALWAYS run 100-110 PSI in the small inner tube.

But, the Low Pressure chamber you can run whatever you want. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what works best for them.

I would recommend finding what you feel is the sweet spot. Don’t take my word for it.

Go out one ride with the sole purpose of finding out what tire pressure works for you. Stay close to an air pump haha.

Start at 10 PSI in both the rear and front tires of your bike. 

Slowly start letting air out of both the front and the rear until you hit 1 PSI. Then start going back up…..

In fact each tire is going to feel different depending on how stiff the side wall is.

I have been running 5 PSI in the rear and 5-7 in the front for MONTHS with ZERO issues.

I have ran this setup in the mountains, fast speed whoops, Desert, tight rocky sections, and even big jumps….NO PROBLEMS AT ALL….

Some of my riding buddies ride with 7-8 PSI in the front but like I mentioned that could also be because they are running different tires than I.

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Choosing which tire to use with Tubliss could just mean you pick your favorite tire combo that you are already using.

If fact there are only a few tires out there that won’t work well with Tubliss.

There are some GoldenTyre’s that are made for Mousse bib inserts only. Probably because there is little to no side way structure on the tire….

Hard enduro riders probably use this for the BEST GRIP possible. However, I am nowhere near has good as a Pro rider so I don’t need a setup like that.

Its easier to install then Mousse bibs and I feel it lasts longer as well….(don’t have any real world testing yet to back that up)

Installing Tubliss really isn’t all that hard. Just like installing a new tire on your rim, make sure to have lots a lub and be patient.

I use tire sealant when installing Tubliss instead of soapy water…..Both options work great and haven’t had an issue with either.

In most cases the main thing that comes back to bite you when installing Tubliss is when you are spooning the Tubliss system redliner on or installing the tire/taking it off.

Make sure you are careful and you are NOT GRABBING THE REDLINER with your spoon.

I use 3-4 spoons

The Tubliss inner tube pressure will slowly leak….don’t be alarmed this happens with ANY high pressure small inner tube.

The air slowly leaks through the rubber. In the summer if I don’t ride for a while they usually are around 80 PSI by then.

Sometimes like my current rear Tubliss is always around 100 PSI.

Just make sure to always check it and top it off….

Tubliss Pressure is important to get right with your Dirt bike Tire….

But, the cool part is you can adjust it unlike mousse bibs….

The best mod for your bike is gas and fresh tires. Your bike relies on TRACTION….why not give yourself the most traction possible….

If you have any questions please comment below….





  1. I am riding KTM 690 Enduro R… the bike is my everyday and all rounder; from trail to tour and adventure. Maximum speed is 130km/h and cruising speed is no more than 100km/h… will the Tubliss work me? Normal tyre pressure is 30 PSI…

  2. Hi Brian.

    If you spend most to all of your time on dirt then Yes…but if you spend more of your time at high speeds and on pavement then NO….

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