Tubliss Problems

Tubeless tires

Ever wondered what if there are any Tubliss problems?

If so then stick around as this article is for you.

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Tubliss is a system that was built to eliminate flats on your dirt bike tires.

Why is this important. 

Well, if you have ever experienced a flat when you are MILES from the truck you know that getting a flat tire on your dirtbike flat out SUCKS.

Even, if you have the proper tools and extra tubes…..changing a tube trail side isn’t all that fun.

Tubliss, Tubliss system, Tubliss Gen 2.0

The tubes that come from the manufacture really don’t hold up to the abuse that hardcore offroad riders give their tires.

Riding offroad dirt bikes with all the varying terrain really does a number on tires.

You can use Heavy Duty tubes in your dirt bike and this helps with flats but still isn’t bullet proof and I have experienced flats with extra heavy duty tubes.

Ok, Ok so you want to know that Tubliss problems exist….

Tubliss Problems

  • The number one issue in my opinion is they are much more expensive then Heavy Duty Tubes
  • If you don’t install Tubliss with care then you risk damaging the high pressure inner tube
  • If you don’t install Tubliss with care you can damage the red liner that protects the high pressure inner tube
  • You have make sure that you have 100-110 PSI before EVERY RIDE
  • If you don’t clean the rim and apply the rim tape you the inner tube can get popped.

how tubliss works

So, if you can’t tell most of the problems people have with Tubliss happens during the installation process.

The small High pressure inner tube and red liner need to be handled with care when you are spooning it on the rim.

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Well, what if the high pressure tube fails during a ride?

I never have had this happen to me to be honest, and I have ridden with Tubliss for the past 6+ years.

How, do you combat that….Always make sure that you have enough air pressure in the inner tube before every ride.

It also, doesn’t hurt to carry extra high pressure inner tubes in your back pack along with your tool set. They are MUCH MUCH smaller then a HD inner tube.

Carry a 21″ and a 18″ tube replacement if you are riding a offroad bike instead of an MX.

So, Tubliss isn’t bullet proof but its pretty close…..Mousse bibs is the most bullet proof option but click on the Mousse VS Tubliss link as there are pro and cons to both systems, and right now I choose Tubliss over Mousse bibs.

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If you ever poke a hole in the Tire and you don’t have plugs to fix it you can ride back to the truck on a flat tire.

The reason you can do this is Tubliss will hold the bead of the tire onto the rim.

I personally have ridden 10-12 miles on a flat front tire with no issues.

Kenda Ibex with tubliss

Either way you need to ditch the OEM tubes for something better….and there aren’t really that many downsides to using Tubliss.

If you have every had any issues or have questions please comment below



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