TUbliss really works: See what the Dirt Bike industry is saying about TUbliss

Are you still on the fence about Tubliss?

I remember thinking it was a super cool idea to have a system that allowed you to just plug the tire with a normal tire plug like you would use on an ATV or UTV tire.

No need to carry multiple heavy duty tubes, tire spoons, and patches. That alone was worth the money to me.

However, I didn’t realize that the traction benefit and the plushier front tire is actually a MUCH bigger deal to me. You are able to run TUbliss at a much lower PSI in your tire than a regular Heavy Duty Tube.

This allows for a TON more traction on the rear and a softer ride in the front.

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I will provide you some videos of the industry leaders are saying about TUbliss

Motocross Action:

gave it a 5 star rating (which is rare). So, yes TUBLiss can be used with Motocross.

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Torture Test of TUbliss

DirtBike Channel Tubliss