Tubliss Rim Tape

Tubliss rim tape

Tubliss red liner

What is Tubliss Rim Tape for?

When you first get your Tubliss set kit you will notice that it comes with a ball of Rim Tape.

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Originally Neutech provided you with just enough new rim tape to cover the rim one time.

Note: always replace the old rim tape with the new tape Nuetech provides

Tubliss rim tape

When replacing the old stock rim tape you will notice that its pretty dirty and hammered.

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Before you install the new Tubliss Rim Tape make sure to COMPLETELY scrub the rim clean. Also, make sure there are not in burrs that could rip or damage the rim tape or inner bladder tube.

This is a crucial piece that could cause failure down the road so DON’T be lazy and make sure the rim is spotless.

The Tubliss rim tape is used to seal off the spokes from the inner bladder tube to have somewhere safe to press against.

Like I mentioned before Tubliss use to send just enough rim tape to cover the middle of the rim/spokes once. (usually there was a little extra)

Nowadays, Tubliss is send you enough rim tape to cover the middle of the rim with 3 layers of tape.

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My guess is and its just that….Tubliss got sick of hearing about the Tubliss system having issues with leaking or failure when the end user DID NOT CLEAN THE RIM enough.

So, now Tubliss doesn’t claim that the rim tape is for any type of sealing.¬†

Tubliss says the rim tape is for cushioning between the spoke nipples and the inner bladder.

The red liner and inner bladder are what are sealing the bead.

Tubliss pressure

Important things to remember with Tubliss rim Tape

  • Not for sealing the bead
  • Acts as a cushion between spoke nipples and inner tube
  • Make sure the rim is clean before installing the rim tape
  • Tubliss gives you enough for 3 layers
  • 1 layer in the middle, 1 layer on the left, and 1 layer on the right
  • See instructions for proper installation

I personally haven’t had Tubliss fail.

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But I have heard reports of people saying that it has and it always begs the question if they installed Tubliss correctly or not….

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