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Have you been miles from the truck with a flat tire, no tools, and no way to fix it?

So, have I.

Are you sick of getting pinched flats?

When I first was introduced to TUbliss I thought “no way it works”. A year or so went by and I finally was able to meet someone that actually was running the Tubliss Gen 1.0 system.

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How does TUbliss work ?

There is a small high pressure inner tube that has a red rubber chamber that holds the high pressure tube. This creates 2 air chambers. This allows you to ditch the traditional tube.

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This person was someone that was much faster than I and WAY harder on rims.

His response to me when I asked about it was, “I HATE flats, get some you will not regret it” that’s it.

That week bought the TUbliss 18” and the TUbliss 21” for my KTM.

How do you install TUbliss ?

This was my next question. Really, I was quite nervous that I would screw it up and the instructions that TUbliss provides are good, but I am a visual person and the watching the installation videos on YouTube was MUCH better for me.

Installing TUbliss is a lot like installing a normal tire.

The key is to slow down and use lots of lube (I use Armor All). The reason you want to slow down as you don’t want to damage the red liner. This liner is key in sealing up the bead.

The Gen 1.0 Tubliss red liner was as tough and only gave you enough rim tape to cover the inside of the rim. Nuetech now provides you with the

Tubeless Gen 2 Tire System

TUbliss Gen 2.0 that has a tougher red liner and much more rim tape.

Changing a tire with TUbliss isn’t all that hard.

You let the air out of both chambers. Spoon the tire off – Make sure you aren’t spooning the tire and the red liner.

Once you get the tire off, you then can proceed to put on the tire the same way you did originally – see installation video.

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Questions about TUbliss that I commonly get:

Does Tubliss really work?

Yep, and we have been putting it on our bikes for over 6 years. Personally, if you take your time and install the Tubliss correctly you will not have any failures.

What PSI to run Tubliss ?

Well, at first I was running 10 PSI front and rear tires. Why? Because of a mental block from all the pinched flats I have gotten running lower pressures with normal tubes.

This whole summer I started running less and less and I know am running 5 lbs in the front and the rear. TUbliss recommends putting in 10 PSI first and then running the same course and slowly take air out of each tire. Keep doing this until you don’t like the feel of the tires and then go back up to find the perfect PSI for your tires, riding style, and terrain.

Is TUbliss heavier than standard tubes ?

I don’t think its lighter than the tubes that come from the factory. It probably is lighter than an extra HD tube. I haven’t weighed them.

Why aren’t more extreme offroad enduro pros using them ?

Honestly, I think its because pros trash the hell out of their rims which means that bending a rim would cause air to leak but that’s not a failure of the TUbliss system that’s rim failure. However, I personally know guys who are much faster than the average rider that have run them for years and have bent their rims and it still works.

Pros opt for Mouse bids which are harder to install and wear out faster.

If Tubliss was so good why aren’t they being used in Supercross and Motocross ?

I don’t know the answer to that one. Really, I think they would benefit from getting more traction running lower PSI. I think it’s because it’s so damn competitive that teams are scared to try something new or they just want to do what the big teams are doing…

How long does Tubliss last ?

This all depends, really. I usually rotate my bike every 2 years. I haven’t replaced a set on any of my bikes. I inspect the Tubliss for damage every time I change a tire.

Towards the end of the 2 year cycle the Tubliss looks a little worn but still is holding the bead.

Is TUbliss right for me ?

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If you aren’t a Pro racer and not getting paid to finish races. You should buy it.

If you are already using Mouse Bibs and fine with the performance and tire changes, there no need to change. NUETECH makes a sweet new Mousse called Nitromousse. Buy it here ->

I haven’t tried the Nuetech Nitromousse yet.

What if I don’t have plugs and I get a flat with Tubliss ? This has happened to me before. I rode 15 miles at a pretty good clip on a flat front tire. Because TUbliss holds the bed onto the rim the tire still was able to work. I just went slower than normal and avoided pounding into rocks.

Do you use tire sealant with TUbliss ?

Yes, I do but there are times that I didn’t and it still worked perfect

What are the downsides of Tubliss ?

It costs more than standard HD tubes. You have to be a little more careful installing it to make sure you seal the bead. Bent rim could mean bead no longer seals.

The Tubliss system is too expensive

Well, that’s a valid concern and my only response to that is I would rather spend more money to only have to take 5 minutes to fix a flat instead of 30-40 minutes fixing a flat on a tube.

Money is replaceable time is not.

If you still need some proof here are some videos of what others are saying about Tubliss system.

The TUbliss Gen 2.0 system will fit any dirtbike that has the following rim size:

Tubliss 21 ” rim

Tubliss 19 “ rim

Tubliss 18 “ rim

TUbliss is designed for offroad use only.

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