Tubliss Tire Change

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Worried about a Tubliss Tire change on your Dirt bike?

This article is about changing your dirt bike tire when you have Tubliss installed.

I get asked all the time about changing your tires when you have Tubliss installed on the dirt bike.

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Along with the actual installation of Tubliss this process seems scary but its really not all that bad.

Tubliss provides you with a solid instructions on how to install Tubliss and then install the tire.


First thing you do when you need to replace your worn out dirt bike tire is to start with the following:

  • Let out the air in the outer low pressure chamber
  • Let the air out of the inner HIGH pressure chamber
  • The inner pressure of the Tubliss is 100-110 PSI

Once everything is flat, I like to push down on the tire to help start breaking the bead off the tire…

Make sure you take your TIME for the first one.

I turn the rim around and repeat pushing down on the dirtbike tire, helping the bead to come off.

Start spoon by one of the stems and work your way around

Tubliss pressure

Things to watch for when doing a Tubliss Tire Change

  • Make sure all the air is out of both chambers
  • Start spooning by the stems
  • Be VERY careful not to use the spoon to grab the redliner
  • Be VERY careful not to use the spoon to grab the inner high pressure tube

You don’t want to spoon the Tubliss off, so make sure that when you go to get a bite with the spoon your not getting ANY of the Tubliss red liner.

You don’t want to damage the red liner as its what helps seal the bead to the rim.

You also don’t want to pinch the high pressure inner tube…….

One you go around and spoon the dirt bike tire off the bead. Turn the rim around and repeat the steps.

Typically you only need 3-4 spoons to get the job done.

Once the tire is off the rim. Make sure to inspect the red liner for any damage.

Also, check to make sure the high pressure inner tube will hold air.

Once everything checks out with the Tubliss system, its now time to install the new Dirt Bike tire.

Installing new Tire with Tubliss

  • Make sure to have lubrication handy
  • Make sure you know if you are going to use soapy water or slime to help seal the bead
  • Start spooning the tire on by one of the stems.
  • Use 3-4 spoons to make sure you are taking small enough bites.
  • You can also push down on the tire to help get the bead set correctly
  • This also helps with taking pressure off the other side of the tire to help spoon it on the rim.
  • Repeat for both sides of the rim

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Remember TAKE your time when doing a Tubliss tire change. If you are in a hurry you will risk damaging the red liner or inner tube.

That would mean you would have to buy a new Tubliss System 18″, 19″ 21″.

Once the tire is installed make sure to give the tire a couple of bounces all around on the ground.

This is to make sure the bead is being pushed on correctly.

After the bounce check…fill the inner Tubliss tube with 100-110 PSI.

Make sure its holding air.

One the Tubliss is pumped up, I go ahead and pump up the dirt bike tire.

Usually I go with around 20 PSI to make sure I am really sealing the bead.

Once I know its holding air, I’ll take the PSI down to 5-7 PSI.

Now that your done….GET OUT THERE AND RIDE

Like I always say the best mods for your bike is gas and fresh tires….


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