Tubliss VS Tubes

This is a comparison between a Tube verses the Tubliss 2.0 System

So, you buy your brand new bike and take it out for the very first time! Halfway through the ride you notice something weird with the front end of the bike.

You stop and check it out……its a flat front tire.

Sound familiar?

This happened to me on my 2016 KTM250XCF. The very first ride I got a pinched flat.

Normally before I even ride a new/used bike I bought. I put Tubliss on it as soon as possible.


Tubliss has been a game changer for me and the time spent fixing flat tubes as been significant.

You no longer have to carry patches or an extra tube. You do carry a tubeless patch kit.

Getting a pinched flat takes time and in the gnarly terrain where you want more traction you have to put more air in the tire making the bike deflect and bounce around more.

Tubes VS Tubliss

Yes, I know you can buy Heavy duty or extra Heavy duty tubes which help put you still have to run at a higher PSI and still run the risk of punched flats.

Tube Pros

  • Affordable
  • You only have to worry about one air chamber
  • Come with the bike and can just get out and ride
  • A tiny bit easier to install vs Tubliss
  • Not complicated
  • Heavy duty and Ultra Heavy duty tubes available
  • Little to no maintenance

Tube Cons

  • Stock OEM tubes not heavy duty enough for heavy abuse
  • Pinched Flats
  • Punctures can’t be plugged
  • Trail side fix takes much longer then Tubliss or Mousse bib (see Tubliss VS Mousse here)
  • You can’t just plug it with a tire plug (5-10 mins) and get back to riding
  • Not recommend to run tube at low PSI

how tubliss works

Tubliss Pros

==> see full Tubliss review here

  • Easy to fix with tire plug
  • Can run at a really low PSI
  • Even if you can’t plug the hole, you can still ride back to the truck. Tubliss holds the bead onto the rim.
  • Run any PSI you want….Have friends that have run at 0 PSI with a heavy duty tire
  • Much better traction over standard Tube

Tubliss Cons

  • Expensive when compared to standard Tubes (How ever time lost on fixing tube flats more then makes up for it)
  • You have to check 2 air pressure points per tire before every ride
  • A few more steps when installing it

This is a choice that you are going to have to make. While standard Tubes could get the job done for you. They also can ruin a ride really quick.

This happened to me when riding my brothers 2010 KTM 300 xc. We started out on a morning ride in the desert and within an hour I had a Flat.

If I had Tubliss it wouldn’t have been an issue but in this case It burned up 2-3 hours slowly working our way back to the truck and fixing the tube.

Tubes are much cheaper and you can also buy heavy duty tubes that hold better then stock.

But, my time is limited and I would rather spend a little more money and not have to worry about getting flats.

The traction alone is worth the money!

So, if you are on the fence let me know what the hold up is. Or you can read my full review.


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