Tubliss with Beta Motorcycles


Beta RR Racing 2 stroke-right side-LR

Ever wondered if you could get Tubliss for your Beta dirt bike?

The answer is yes…..

Will Tubliss fit on ANY Beta dirt bike?

Beta with Tubliss System

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The answer is no…

However, Tubliss isn’t brand specific, rather its rim size specific.

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There is a limit to which size of rim that Tubliss currently fits on…and it comes in 3 different sizes for now.

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Beta Tubliss tire sizes

  • 21 Inch
  • 19 inch
  • 18 inch

So, if you have any Beta dirt bike with a 21″ front rim you can put Tubliss on your front tire.

List of Beta Offroad bikes that require a 21″ and 18″ rim Tubliss system

  • 300RR – Race Edition
  • 300 RR
  • 250 RR – Race Edition
  • 250 RR
  • 200 RR
  • 125 RR

Tubliss System will work great for any Beta dirt bike, in fact I highly recommend using Tubliss if you ride offroad or enduro.

He has been using Tubliss for years. Everytime he gets a new bike the first thing he does is put Tubliss on his bike.

The last Beta I rode, and it was in the mountains and I wish I had Tubliss

Adding Tubliss with the Beta forks just made it perform even better.

I would feel more planted and safer but with solid rebound and compression.

Using Tubliss will help you eliminate flats, and provide you with better traction.

This will allow you to stay out riding for much longer and climb up that gnarly rock section that everyone else is struggling with.

Tubliss is a must have upgrade to your Beta.

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While Tubliss will not fit on ANY Beta dirt bike

*** As always please comment below letting me know what bike your ride and if you have any questions.

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