Kenda ibex tire with Tubliss

KTM Tubliss Kenda IBEX

This is a review of the Kenda Ibex tire with the Tubliss gen 2.0 system.

Kenda Ibex Tubliss

This setup is what I am currently running on my bike and its been the VERY BEST tire tubliss combo yet….Tubliss with Kenda Ibex tire

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Just to give you a little background on the Kenda Ibex Super Sticky SRT00679 tire.

If you are a serious offroad riding you know one thing for sure….That the dirt and terrain will always be changing.

Just like this last weekends ride, we had everything from

  • Sand
  • Deep sand
  • Snow
  • Mud
  • Rocks
  • LOTS of rocks
  • Small pebbles
  • Loam
  • Roots
  • Loose rocks
  • Hard pack
  • Solid rock (slick rock…ride in Moab…worked excellent)
  • Water

All on the same ride… we have established that Tubliss is a must have for any serious offroad dirt biker

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Kenda Ibex side profile

So how do you find the perfect Tire that will allow for good grip in EVERY situation…well there is no such thing as a perfect tire.

However, that hasn’t stopped tire manufactures from trying……I hope they don’t stop

A trial tire will struggle in the really loose dirt or sand where a standard tire struggles to get grip on rocks.

Only if there is something in the middle, that has knobbies like a standard motocross tire but has a flexible knobby compound for more grip on rocks and hard pack.

Well we are in luck along with the Kenda Ibex super sticky tire, Shinko Cheater tire 505 and the Shinko 525 Tire (The 525 Hybrid tire is new)

This review is about the Kenda Ibex but the Shinko tires are good and you can click here to check them out

The Kenda Ibex was designed for Endurocross and Extreme Enduro racing.

Here is what you get with the Kenda Ibex

  • Super sticky compound for ultimate grip no matter the conditions
  • Knobbies like motocross tires that grip and clean out
  • Flexible soft compound with the tread to be extremely grippy
  • Come in 120/100 – 18 and 110/100 – 18 sizes (Rear only)

I mounted this tire in preparation of a 4 day riding trip in the mountains of Idaho (Normally run Bridgestone X30 or X40s what are really good tires and wear really well)

Kenda Ibex

This tire was a game changer for me…..It has some serious grip and its a perfect match with tubliss.


Tubliss with the Ibex Tire

  • Tubliss you can run at a low PSI
  • This allows for even MORE GRIP
  • Really plush tire
  • Grip and traction EVERYWHERE…I had to say it again

I really thing the combination of a soft sticky tire with the Tubliss system is the perfect match for tackling all the different terrain that single track riders run into.

How does the the Kenda Ibex tire hold up?

Well after the 4 day trip……no rips or chunks. I probably have around 15-20 hours which is pretty good considering we hammer tires. Its about time to replace it but being a “sticky” tire thats pretty good.

They are starting to tear and chuck a little bit but most guys would look at my tire and say that it has plenty of life in it.

But, just because the knobbies are still there I believe the VERY best mod you can do your bike is fresh tires.

The tire does wear faster then a Bridgestone X30/40, Maxxis Desert IT, and a Sedona MX907

In my opinion the price of the Kenda Ibex is the only downside…however its coming down in price and you know can get it in a 110/110/18

** NOTE you can now get the KENDA IBEX in 120/100/18 so Kenda is now offer other sizes as well.

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The Shinko Cheater 505 and Shinko Cheater 525 are both cheaper options (Will be doing a Kenda Ibex vs Shinki Cheater 505)

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The 525 is a newer tire so its a bit harder to find.

Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater tire

A couple of my riding buddies have spend the last couple of years and on the Cheater 505 and really liked it until they tried the Cheater 525 which has the same tread pattern as the Kenda Ibex.

When I get the chance I will be trying the cheater 525 when its time to replace the Kenda Ibex.

So, the final conclusion is any serious single track rider should invest in the Kenda IBEX sticky tire or, if you want a cheaper option go with the Cheater 525

Just like the GoldenTyre sticky tires the Kenda Ibex is expensive but a really impressive tire that really does well in most conditions and REALLY excels with traction is scarce.


Not all of GoldenTyre’s work with the tubliss system which means the probably don’t have stiff enough sidewalls to hold the bead on. They recommend using mousse bibs.

Here is the list of the cheapest to most expensive sticky tires

Do I recommend buying the Kenda Ibex Tire?

Yes….buy it.

6/21/2018 update on the Kenda Ibex tire with Tubliss

I sold the bike that I had the Kenda Ibex tire on. I think it had almost 30+ hours on it but I can’t remember.

The bike I bought to replace the 2017 KTM 300 XC had a new Shinko Cheater 505 tire on it.

I now have 20+ hours on it and will be doing an indepth review of it.

So look for a Shinko Cheater 505 Tire vs the Kenda Ibex Tire with Tubliss coming soon. 

Tubliss with Shinko 525 Cheater

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