Tubliss with Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater Review

Shinko with Tubliss

This is a Review of the Shinko 505 with the Tubliss System 2.0

I have been riding with the Shinko 505 Hybrid cheater front and rear tire for over a month now (Scroll past the intro to Shinko for the review).

I am running the Nuetech Tubliss System 2.0 on the front and rear Shinko 505.

For those who are not as familiar with the Shinko 505, here is a brief intro to the tire manufacture.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires was established in Osaka Japan (https://www.shinkotireusa.com/about)

Western Powersports Imports them here in the USA.

Because this is a dirtbike offroad related website we are going to only talk about those tires.

List of Shinko Tires

  • 540 Series (extreme soft terrain Mud/Sand tire)
  • 524/525 Series (Soft to intermediate terrain)
  • 546 Series (All terrain soft to intermediate loam)
  • 500/502 Series (Intermediate to hard terrain)
  • 504/505 Series (Soft, Intermediate, and Hard terrain)
  • 523 Series (Intermediate Terrain)
  • Trail Pro 255 (Super soft Trials bike tire)
  • 421 Series Mini Bike Trail
  • 520 Series (Directional intermediate terrain)
  • SR241 Series (Trials tire)
  • 505 Hybrid Cheater
  • 525 Hybrid Cheater
  • SX216 Series
  • MX216 Series

Shinko makes a variety of tires but are best known for the Hybrid Cheater tire that they make. 

  • 505 Hybrid Cheater
  • All new 525 Hybrid Cheater

How does the 505 Hybrid Cheater tire work in a variety of conditions?

505 Tubliss

Well, Like I mentioned earlier I have had the 505 for over a month now. I been mostly riding out in the desert.

The terrain is extremely soft to solid rocks…..so pretty much everything.

The 505 Hybrid Cheater does well in most conditions but when its really muddy the tire starts to suffer a bit. 

==> click here to see how it compares to the Kenda IBEX tire

I think the 525 will clean out better in the mud but I haven’t tested out the 525 Hybrid yet.

The Shinko 505 because of its hybrid carcass (Flexible knobbies, stiff side wall) offers a TON of grip on rocks, and hard pack conditions.

In fact the Shinko 505 with Tubliss is a very very good setup. I would run 5-7 PSI in the tires with Tubliss.

Tubliss pressure

While not all that good in the mud, on the ice it performed better then a set of Bridgestones with Tubliss.

The traction is better then a normal dirtbike tire but allows you still have a stiff side wall for cornering and braking.

How well does the Shinko 505 tire hold up?

So, far a lot better then I expected. You would think because of the “sticky” compound that the tire uses, that it would wear faster then a normal dirtbike tire.

Well, I have close to 20 hours on the tire and there is ZERO chunking and it is wearing normal.

When under REALLY hard braking it dances a bit more then other tires I am used to running but its not really a big deal.

If you are thinking about getting a Shinko 505 tire I would recommend getting one

==> Click here to get yours 

Its a solid tire that provides better traction then a standard tire and will wear well.

Look forward to the Shinko 525 review as I am going to try that one as well.



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