Which pump to use with Tubliss

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This article is for those who want to know what type of pump you need with the Tubliss system

If you have ever wondered what pump you need to have in order to pump up the inner tube inside the red liner of the Tubliss system you are in the right place.

The inner tube that comes with the Tubliss system is a small tube that requires High pressure in order to get the redliner to seal the bead on the dirtbike tire.

You need a HIGH pressure pump

A high pressure pump like a bicycle pump will do the trick however there is a little secret that you need to make sure are aware of.

I highly recommend that you get a pump that can do high pressure and low pressure.


That way you can pump up the Tubliss as it requires 100-110 PSI and also pump up your dirt bike tire.

I recommend that you check your air pressure in both chambers before EVERY ride.

That means you need to get a hand pump that goes higher than 110 PSI…..

So, Tubliss makes their own hand pump but I am not sure where they sell it. I have personally tested it and it works fine.

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You don’t have to have a hand pump that does both high and low pressure but its nice.

When you have to pump up the dirt bike tire using a High pressure pump takes a ton more pumps to fill it up.

Personally I use a stand up bike pump like this one Click HERE

I haul it around in the bike of my truck and use it there and at home. I do not carry it with me.

I carry a smaller hand pump like this one click here for out on the trail. Honestly I hardly use it because I use the larger pump at the truck.

Its always a good idea to carry a hand pump because from time to time you will need it.

The great thing with the Tubliss system is you can use a normal tire plug to fix and holes you get in your dirt bike tire.

I usually carry a ATV tire plug kit in my backpack.

I also recommend using slim or some tire sealant to seal any of the tiny little holes you can get in your tire.

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If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or reach out.


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